Miner Minutes

September 6, 2015

Note from Dr. Lowder

Dr. Lowder popped into CMS this week as he was simply in the neighborhood at Irvin. After some talk with our administrative team, he went on a jaunt around the school. He purposefully sought the admin team out again after about 20 minutes and said that CMS feels completely different than it did last year. He went on to say that it looks incredibly cleaner! (Yay, custodians!) And that the entire atmosphere is more friendly and focused on students. WOW!!! Hooray for Miner Country! This culture is created by YOU!!! Now the tough job is to sustain it as we get into the routine and patterns of the school year. #facingthegiants #minerpride

Tuesday during planning and PDPs

We will be having additional GradeBook training, finalizing grading policies, and PDP overview. For your PDP this year, it's recommended that you have 2-3 goals. They need to be SMART goals. You should have one goal that is something you've never done before this year, and you should have one goal that aligns with our BIG 3 that we have for this year. (Big 3 are mentioned later in the newsletter as a reminder). The same goal could serve both expectations - it's up to you. Administrators will then begin setting up meeting times to discuss your PDP for this school year.

Teacher Evaluation Resources

As a refresher, all teacher evaluation resources can be found on the CCS website by doing the following: CCS website, HR department, evaluation documents on the left bar menu, then sub menu teacher evaluation documents, then there's a whole page of items! If you are having a pre-conference, you can find the pre-conference questions on this page. You can also find fillable forms for PDPs and evaluation rubrics.

Do you need an Interpreter?

CMS does not have its own interpreter as of now (budget cuts from the district level). If you have a more immediate need for an interpreter, please call Trisha Malmutt at 704-262-6135. If you can make an interpreter request for 7-10 days from the request, such as a planned parent conference or questionnaire, you can go to the C/I website, ESL, interpreter request. Spanish speaking adults in our building should not be asked to interpret unless it's an extremely urgent matter, and if that occurs, the request must go through an administrator. We would love to have an interpreter, and we are working on this!

ASPIRE program

Last call for anyone interested in teaching in the Aspire program! Applications can be submitted on the CCS website. This is a cool paying opportunity for a part time job working with our kids. If you have any questions, please ask Dr. Tulbert.

A few student disruptions

Staff: We have had a few students make some bad choices in how they handle conflict. It is SO important to remember that we cannot control the choices that our students will make. It is our job to educate them in the consequences of their potential choices, but we still need to ensure they understand they own the choice and the consequences. The KEY is how the adults respond in these situations. Kids will always be kids. They are still children. They will make poor choices. But it's all in how we respond as the adults that will set the tone for us as a school. They are watching us ALL the time! Keep calm and carry on...

Parent Portal in PowerSchool

We will go live with Parent Portal (assuming PS is working!) on Tuesday, September 8th. This is the day we return from Labor Day. We are letting you know that means grade books will be seen, and as stated in the staff handbook, grades should be updated weekly.

Big Three Goals for 15-16 #gobigorgohome

  1. Student learning (PLC alignment and powerful instructional strategies we haven’t tried before)
  2. Capture the hearts of students and staff
  3. Structures for student success (MTSS, Behavior, Discipline procedures, Facilities, Communication internally and externally, CULTURE)

Calendar Reminders

Monday, September 7: SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!! Rest, relax, repeat.

Tuesday, September 8 at 7:30am: Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, September 8 during grade level meetings: Gradebook and PDPs

Wednesday, September 9: PLC meetings of ELA, SS, remediation classes

Thursday, September 10: PLC meetings math, science

Friday, September 11: School pictures in Encore classes (see Mr. Lord's email for logistics)

Friday, September 11: Back to school dance from 4-6pm (note time change)

September 15: SLT breakout sessions (academic and behavior teams)

September 18: Wes Moore book study at 7:30am

September 21 - 25: Learning Commons BOOK FAIR!!!

September 22: 300 chromebooks to arrive at CMS

September 22: 8th grade DC parent meeting

September 23: Progress reports

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