Counseling Connections

Tech Tips for School Counselors

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As overwhelming as the tech world can be, it can be an equally amazing portal into amazing school counseling ideas and information! I have compiled some short lists of tools that could potentially be meaningful to you as a school counselor.

Social Media Networking

Blogs & Websites

These can provide ideas for lesson plans, connections to other counselors or spark motivation. There are a lot of options for websites and blogs related to counseling. I included only ones that are up to date and current.

All Levels

The Extraordinary School Counselor

The School Counselor Kind

Helpful Counselor


Elementary Counseling Blog

Entirely Elementary...School Counseling

Middle School

Middle School Counseling

High School

For High School Counselors


I will be sharing apps that are relevant to each topic in upcoming issues. Here are a few related to mindfulness and relaxation that you could use with students, or for your personal self-care.
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