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Walt Disney was born December 5th 1901. His parents are Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney. Walt was the youngest of 5 siblings Roy O Disney, Herbert Arthur Disney, Raymond Arnold Disney, and Ruth Flora Disney.


Walt started school when he was 8 in Missouri. They later moved to Kansas for job opportunists, that's where Walt and Roy took 2nd grade again when they were 9. Walt got his first job when he was 10 with Roy. Him and Roy every day after school would deliver new papers around town. When Walt was in school he took children art classes for 2 winters, 3 nights a week from the fine arts institute. In 1917 Walt graduated from the 7th grade.

Adulthood and awards

Walt Disney drop out of school at 16 and that started him as a adult. As his second job Walt had to lie about his age to the army and they didn't take him so he went to the red cross then ended up going to France to dive ambulance. Went to go to write for the news paper but instead he got told he had "Lake of imagination" and "no original ideas". Walt won 26 academic awards and won 22 competitive academic for a total of 59 awards all together. Also won over 20 Oscar awards. Walt also opened Disneyland in 1985, later that year won top producer in gold laurel. He also won best animation and New York Chronicles.

Struggles- In 1927 Walt Disney tried to get MGM to distribute Mickey Mouse, but they wouldn't because it would never work, a giant mouse on a screen would terrify woman

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"All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them"

Walt Disney: A Brilliant Leader


When Walt was striving towards his professional career the news paper job he had fired him for "lack of creativity and no original ideas". At that time his brother told him that maybe he should quit animation and try something new because it might work out. That when Walt went through his tough stage. Disney decided to overcome it and work through the tough times.


Disney went to more art classes to work on animation and creativity drawings. He stayed up all night practicing and coming up with original ideas. Years later he opened up Disney world to prove to everyone that let him down that he could do it. His quote was; "Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.

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