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Building a 21st Century workforce by inspiring and nurturing excellence in mathematics and science for all Michigan schools, students, teachers, and communities.

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Current Projects


Geographic Information System/Technology (GIS/T) Resources and Applications for Career Education (GRACE) – Funded by NSF.

GRACE will introduce GIS/T to a large number of students and teachers in grades 8-12 across the State of Michigan by following a three-stage learning process from Explorers to Investigators and to Interns.
  • 5,000 students Explorer level; The Explorer level introduces students to GIS/T
    through ArcGIS Online Portal.
  • 2,500 students as Investigators; The Investigator level leverages students’ curiosity and interest and prepares them to work with GIS/T lesson modules that are designed to enhance the science and engineering practices and align with the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • 500 Interns; The Intern level provides students with professional GIS/T training and with opportunities to gain work experiences in local organizations as Interns.

Cohort 2 is now being recruited,

2015-16 Math Science Partnerhip (MSP) Awards

MMSCN federal MSP grants provided by MDE.
Modeling Instruction in Michigan is an MSP grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education is providing a unique opportunity for high school teachers of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in Michigan that supports current HSCE and the Next Generation Science Standards. The professional learning is designed as an immersion model where teachers learn from national facilitators and Michigan practitioners using the same techniques and materials they will utilize with their students. Participants will rotate through roles of student and instructor as they practice and engage in guided inquiry and cooperative learning. Strategies for raising the level of discourse during classroom discussions and student presentations will be emphasized.

Modeling Instruction in Michigan for Middle Schools Science Teacher is a new opportunity available this summer!

All workshops throughout the state are filled to capacity except for Physics. If you have Physics teachers that may be interested, please encourage them to apply.

Math Recovery® trainings will be offered in four regions around the state to provide a learning framework detailing 11 aspects of children’s early numerical knowledge that affords essential guidance for assessment and teaching. District partners will train classroom teachers, teacher leaders, and building principals to ensure sustained implementation of high quality instructional and assessment practices that support student understanding.

In addition, the partnership grant will build capacity throughout the State of Michigan by training 12 additional Intermediate School District / Math Science Center consultants to become local Math Recovery facilitators. For additional information contact Kristin Frang, @ the Muskegon Area Math/Science Center,

EMATHS designed and implemented units of study, sample tasks, and assessment items for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II aligned with core standards. For six years EMATHS provided professional learning experiences to over 1700 secondary mathematics teachers in 61 counties across Michigan at sixteen sites. EMATHS also created facilitator guides for each of the professional learning opportunities for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II and has trained more than 35 facilitators to offer EMATHS experiences in their regions. EMATHS continues to provide professional learning opportunities through 3 models; face-to-face, online, and blended learning.

The current EMATHS through LessonSketch Story Circles grant permits a small cohort of past EMATHS participants and facilitators to create and study representations of desirable practices and practice them virtually before implementation in the classroom. Participants are from two priority high schools in Macomb County, the Traverse Bay Area ISD, and the Huron Mathematics & Science Center.

Statewide Math and Science Leadership

M2C2 - Michigan Mathematics Consultants & Coordinators

M2C2 consists of any Intermediate School District, Mathematics and Science Center, or LEA consultants from across the state. The focus of the group is to stay up-to-date on Mathematics education in Michigan, across the nation, and around the world.

Partnering organizations include; National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, Department of Education, Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network, and Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics updates.

MI Sci PLN - Michigan Science Professional Learning Network

The purpose of MI Sci PLN is to enhance communication, encourage cooperation, and inspire collaboration among the members of professional organizations committed to improving science education (including district level science consultants).

The Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network, in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan State University, and the Michigan Science Teachers Association, launched MI Sci PLN as a learning community for PK-20 science education professionals whose responsibilities include delivering teacher professional learning programs, curriculum and assessment design, and pre-service teacher preparation.

To register for the May 29, 2015 meeting, click HERE.

Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network

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