Kitchen Home Appliances

Award-winning Company: VikingRange

During its 25 years in business, VikingRange has earned multiple awards for its top-of-the-line products and superior customer service. With a strong dedication to serving the needs of its customers, VikingRange has consistently improved the quality of luxury kitchen appliances. Since its inception, VikingRange has been the recipient of multiple awards.

For seven years running, VikingRange has been voted as one of the “Best Places to Work in Mississippi.” The vote was by VikingRange’s employees. As a company, VikingRange is dedicated to employee satisfaction and professional development. On average, VikingRange has an extremely low employee turnover rate and employees work remarkably well together as a team. The executive leadership of VikingRange is dedicated to providing a positive working environment that fosters personal and professional growth. The executive leadership also encourages employees to involve themselves in community service and charitable work, which improves teamwork.

In addition to its dedication to its employees, VikingRange has won multiple awards for its high-end kitchen appliances. VikingRange has received numerous honors over the years, including awards for their products’ innovative design and durability, as well as industry leadership awards. Twenty-five years of loyal customers agree that the quality of VikingRange’s products is second to none. In addition to offering one of the industry’s best product warranties, VikingRange offers consumers peace of mind in knowing that their products are made in America with the highest quality materials.

For the team at VikingRange, these distinctions only help to reinforce that the hard work and attention to detail that goes into producing luxury appliances is noticed and appreciated by consumers. Providing consumers with high quality, reliable home appliances is what motivates VikingRange to continue their hard work.

Looking ahead to the future, VikingRange is excited to remain on the cutting edge of technology in order to offer its customers the world’s best luxury kitchen appliances.

Build Your Wine Palace with VikingRange

VikingRange knows that any stylish living space needs a practical place to store adult beverages. Fortunately, in addition to its line of kitchen appliances, VikingRange offers consumers high-quality wine cellars of varying sizes. Whether a homeowner is storing a hundred fine vintage bottles, or only needs a small wine cellar within the kitchen, VikingRange offers consumers both options and the freedom to decide what best suits their needs.

Wine cellars are a luxurious addition to any home, and provide a great way to always stay prepared for entertaining guests. VikingRange encourages consumers to select a quality wine storage unit that protects the integrity of the bottle’s contents. With a variety of wine connoisseurs in mind, VikingRange developed full-size wine cellars as well as smaller wine cellars that can be conveniently placed in a small space.

VikingRange is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality products available anywhere, in all product lines. Therefore, product developers at VikingRange have taken considerable care in ensuring their wine cellars offer consumers different temperature zones to foster the best possible wine storage. In addition to its full-size counterpart, VikingRange’s under-the-counter wine cellars offer consumers a space-saving wine storage option, while still maintaining an internal storage environment conducive to preserving wine quality.

With over 25 years of experience producing luxury appliances, VikingRange has demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative product development.

VikingRange is Making Clean-up a Breeze

VikingRange is dedicated to developing products with the needs of consumers firmly in mind. In an effort to reduce the time spent cleaning up and increase the time spent with family, VikingRange has developed a line of products to help make tidying up the dinner aftermath a bit easier. With the company’s line of high-quality dishwashers and trash compactors, VikingRange can reduce clutter and make cleanup quick and painless.

Although VikingRange is most known for its line of luxury appliances, the company is also an advocate of healthy, delicious cooking at home, and desires to make this process as enjoyable as possible. Through offering clients high-quality products that enable consumers to create restaurant-caliber meals at home, VikingRange helps ensure that home-cooked food remains a family’s favorite dinner option. VikingRange encourages consumers to test drive Viking products by attending one of VikingRange’s various cooking schools. Located in Georgia, New Jersey, Mississippi, Texas and Utah, VikingRange’s cooking schools provide individuals and families with a fun way to experiment with VikingRange products as well as increase culinary skills.

For clients with the most discerning of tastes, VikingRange offers luxury appliance options to complement any decor. Committed to customer satisfaction and service, VikingRange works diligently to consistently improve the quality and style of its products. By offering homeowners a luxury culinary experience without leaving their homes, VikingRange has successfully provided generations of homeowners with attractive, high-performance appliance options.