Falling in love with books

Poetry Time

Students in PK-2nd Grade created a poem

Love Valentine's day and wanted to share the meaning of Valentine's day along with a poem that they can write using the four senses. Then get up and read it to their classmates.

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3rd - 5th Grade Poetry

I shared a poem by E.E. Cummins "I carry your heart," and they got to listen to it and enjoy it then talk about the meaning of this poem and how it is ultimately better to write than talk to someone about your feelings.

PK-2nd Students revisited non-fiction.

PK-2nd Grade students revisited the term non-fiction to remind get them early on familiar with the terms and introduce my 1st and 2nd grade students in a non-fiction raffle contest where they can win a basket full of good reads and fun stuff just for reading this non-fiction books.