Human Resources

By: Tiley Elliott

Good and Bad Interviews:

Good: attentiveness, posture, eye contact

Bad: Disrespectful, bad attitude, not interested

Do's and Don'ts of an Interview:


1) make eye contact

2)be interested

3)be respectful


1)don't be rude

2)don't look bored with bad body language

3)don't be disrespectful

Job Discription: High School Teacher


  • -Making administrative and budget decisions
  • -Chaperoning classes and trips
  • -Prioritizing teaching methods
  • -Completing parent and student counseling
  • -Enforcing rules and disciplinary action
  • -Lecturing and discussing concepts
  • -Preparing material for presentations
  • -Grading tests and conducting progress reports
  • -Recordkeeping student activities in accordance with laws and school policies
  • Qualifications:
  • -Specialize in a subject(s)
  • -Have passed all the needed tests to be able to obtain the role
  • -flexible with possible jobs that need to be taken care of
  • -good person for students to look up to

  • Salary/Wage/Hourly Pay

    -25,000-50,000 average annually