Love Wool...

contemporary felting workshop, let's wrap in wool

Next Saturday the 28th, in Coimbra at the iconic Portuguese design store Anthrop! After love a bit of wool...

This will be a contemporary thecnical felting workshop, we will constructing pieces from wool in its purest form. Introduction to 3D seamless forms, and surface design. This workshop is structured to be challenging to experienced felters as well as a good start for beginners. A perfect gift for that creative loved one...

Love lã...

Saturday, Feb. 28th, 10am

Rua de Fernandes Thomas

Coimbra, Coimbra

This time around the workshop will not be at my atelier as usual, but at the heart of

Coimbra, in the old Quebra Costas, in a space whose mission has been to elevate Portuguese design and that now becomes a creative space!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Structure of the workshop

The workshop will begin at 10 o'clock, introductions, we will talk a bit about wool and felting. Then hard work till lunch time, around 12 we will share a light vegetarian meal and will resume work till 5 o'clock. At this time we will take a look at the work, take photos, have a tea and chat before saying goodbye.

For me as a teacher this the coolest part of the day, when the students go home with a smile and a beautiful piece proudly made the them.

If you are interested please confirm your presence until the 20th of February.

Because for me is very important to keep some creative freedom I like to be flexible about the possibilities, so, for this workshop is possible to make a cowl wrap, mittens, a hat, a bag or a cover for phone or Ipad. However other sujestions are Welcome.

preços e contactos...

The cost for this workshop will be €40, material and meal including. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!
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