You've Received Your First section

...Now What??

Getting Started: Welcome!

You've got your first course with NCVPS, congratulations! Since you haven't been a part of the start of a semester before, we want to help you get ready. Take a look at the following videos, information and documents to help you prep your course for students.

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Getting Started: Your Teacher Portfolio

Every NCVPS teacher will have a teacher portfolio and it contains valuable information. You will use it on a regular basis. Please watch the video below to get an overview of the various tabs in the portfolio.

Getting Started: Initial Communication with Students and Stakeholders

We want all students and stakeholders (parents, guardians, and schools) to feel welcome. To do that, we begin building relationships with them before the semester starts. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below to see how you will begin this process.

Getting Started: Course Set Up (What do I need to do?)

1) To prepare your course for students, you will need to add some information. We want students to always know how to reach us and we want to provide them with all the information they need to stay organized through the semester.

You will add an image (professional head shot), your contact information and office hours to your "Instructor Block"

2) We want all students to feel welcome at all times. One way to achieve this goal is to post a daily announcement. At the beginning of the semester, we need to post quite detailed information so the students become oriented with the course.

You will prepare one for Meet the Teacher, a time period before the course starts where students have access and are encouraged to poke around. We also post a new announcement for the first day that officially marks the beginning of the course.

3) We have confidential information that we need to store in our courses, and there are very specific ways we do this to make sure we align with FERPA guidelines.

Your exceptional student report along with other documents are stored in the hidden "Teacher Notes" file in your course.

For a step by step look at how to set up your course and to make sure all the above are included please click the link below. Please follow these steps to ensure you course is properly set up before your Instructional Leader completes a course sweep.

How To Set Up Your Canvas Course

Now let's get started...

For more help as you begin teaching, refer back to your Teacher in Training course and check out the Professional Learning for Teachers Course. The Technology Topic has many screencasts on how to complete recurring tasks such as grading. You can also reach out to your Instructional Lead for guidance.

Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. We know you put in a tremendous amount of effort to get to this point, and we are excited to watch you grow!

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