Mr. Bachmann's Band Updates

Beginning Band, Jazz Band and Symphonic Band

2016-17 Auditions / TOUR / Great America

Here is an updated look at our calendar:


What an AMAZING concert! You should all be so proud of your efforts....

keep practicing!


Week of May 9 - no lessons due to 4th grade recruitment

Week of May 16 - regular lessons

Week of May 23-26 - auditions at grade schools (specific schedule coming soon)


Bowling/Pizza Party - Tues., May 24 - Brunswick Zone, Niles - $12 to BOPA a.s.a.p.



Rehearsal - Fri., May 6 - 7:10-8:00am - IN GYM

TOUR - Fri., May 6 - ALL DAY - Bus permission forms required - bring $$$ for lunch

- wear tie-dye shirts

MUSIC IN THE PARKS/ GREAT AMERICA - Sat., May 7 - arrive Emerson by 7:00am -

Bus form and $16 fee required

BOOMERS baseball game - Sat., May 21 - 6pm - arrive by 5:00pm - wear tie dye shirts

- memorize your music

- rehearsals yet to be determined

You are welcome to check out my website (link below). Thanks for an awesome year! Give it everything you've got and DO YOUR PART! EMERSON BANDS ROCK!

Please contact me with any questions or for information

You can contact me through email at or through my website link listed below. It is a pleasure to work with your children and I hope that music will always remain an important part of their lives. This is only the beginning of the journey........

Keep practicing!

Northwestern University Wildcats Fight Song
abracadabra by Frank Ticheli
The Fairest of the Fair - John Philip Sousa - United States Marine Band

2016-17 Audition Info

Emerson Middle School


Three bands are offered at Emerson: Cadet Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band. The three groups are ability based and will rehearse before school (7:10-8:00am) one or two days per week . All students will play a short audition sometime during the week of May 23-26, 2016 at their school to determine band placement.

Please be prepared to play ONE of the following levels:

Level 1 - Essential Elements Book 1

Everyone Must Play…

  • p. 40-41, All four major scales (ALL #1’s and #3’s)
  • p. 33, #174 “Half-Steppin’”
  • p. 42-43 Rhythms measures #41-56
  • p. 22 #117 “Essential Elements Quiz - Auld Lang Syne”

(percussionists play on mallets)

  • p. 35, #179 “American Patrol”

(percussionists play on snare drum)

  • Percussionists also need to learn the attached timpani etude (see Mr. Bachmann) and know the following rudiments: long roll, 5 and 9 stroke rolls, flam, flam accent, flam tap, flamacue, paradiddle.

If you can play everything in Level 1, please prepare Level 2. If you are ready for Level 2 and do not have “Essential Elements Book 2,” you need to purchase it as soon as possible from Quinlan and Fabish (630) 654-4111 or (847) 253-5592.

Level 2 - Essential Elements Book 2

Everyone Must Play…

  • p. 34-36 #159/160, #163/164, #167/168, #171/172, #175/176

(Major scales, play 2 octaves when possible)

  • Chromatic scale, p. 37, #185 or #186 (student chooses)
  • p. 43, Rhythms - measures #21-28

Each instrument must also prepare the following exercise at quarter note = 90

Flute - p. 38, #191 / Oboe - p. 39, #193 / Clarinet - p. 39, #197

Bass Clarinet - p. 38, #190 / ALL Saxophone - p. 39, #193 / Trumpet - p. 39, #195

Horn - p. 39, #192 / Trombone - p. 39, #200 /Baritone - p. 39, #196

Tuba - p. 39, #193

Percussion - See Mr. Bachmann for etudes for Snare, Mallets, and Timpani. Percussionists also need to know the following rudiments: ALL rolls and ALL level 1 rudiments PLUS drag, single, double and triple ratamacue.

If you are ready for Level 3 and do not have “Tradition of Excellence Book 3” and “Tradition of Excellence: Technique and Musicianship” you need to purchase them as soon as possible from Quinlan and Fabish (630) 654-4111 or (847) 253-5592.

Level 3 – Tradition of Excellence Book 3/Technique and Musicianship

Everyone Must Play…

  • p. 37-42 (Book 3) Major Scales: F, C, G, Gb, Db, Ab, Eb (All woodwind players MUST play 2 or 3 octaves when possible)
  • Minor scales: f, c, g, and d (also in Book 3 - all woodwind players MUST play 2 or 3 octaves when possible)
  • Chromatic Scale: Full range or as much as you can play.
  • p. 43-46, Book 3, Rhythms: #11-15, 33-36, 49-54, 77-80.

Each instrument must also prepare the ILMEA (honor band) etude (see Mr. Bachmann) at the best (steadiest) tempo possible….use a metronome to practice!

  • Percussionists also need to know the following rudiments: ALL Level 2 rudiments PLUS lesson #25, drag paradiddle, flam paradiddle.

You may wish to consider taking private lessons to improve your musical skills during the summer months. A list of recommended private teachers can be shared with you by request.

Good luck on the audition! Remember to relax and play your best stuff ---------

Level 1, 2, or 3.

Thanks for an awesome year and we look forward to working with you in the fall! Best wishes for a safe and relaxing summer!

Mr. Dale and Mr. Bachmann