All Saints Staff Weekly

December 17, 2015

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  • Diocesan Update-Thank you for your patience and support of the Diocesan payroll change!

  • Enrollment-We're at 168! We gained two students since we last talked about enrollment. One in PK4 and the other will be joining Kinder when we get back from the break.

  • Good Behavior Party- I apologize that we got behind with the November and December parties. We will hold the hot chocolate and cookie party for both November and December students on January 7th @ 1:30pm.

  • Christmas Program-Thank you so much for supporting and working with your students on this! Special thanks to Miss Garcia and Mr. Perks for taking the lead with this! I know you all will have a wonderful performance tonight!!

  • Secret Pal-Secret Pals where suppose to reveal themselves at the Staff Christmas Party, but with such good food and conversation some may have forgotten and others are wondering who to thank for their uplifting notes and small gifts for the 2nd quarter. If you have not already revealed yourself to your secret pal, please let them know who you are. Secret Pal info for the 3rd quarter was put in your box yesterday. If you would like to participate for next quarter, please put your form in Ms. Hataway's box before you leave tomorrow. She will then send them to me and I will let you know who your Secret Pals are on Monday.

  • Advent Door Winner is....Miss Romo! In case you did not see it in the newsletter on Tuesday, Miss Romo was the winner of our contest and will be awarded a FREE DAY OFF. You all did awesome getting into the spirit of the competition and made is really difficult for the judges. Thank you for making it a little extra festive this advent season!

  • Christmas Break-The school will be closed over the break. If anyone wants to get in the building early, January 4th was reserved as the day where you can come in if you want to, but this is not a mandatory work day. I hope you all enjoy your break and time with your families!

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