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February 15-21

Teaching about Primaries and Caucuses-C-SPAN

Today begins the early voting period for Super Tuesday, the March 1 Primary! Here is a lesson from C-SPAN Classroom that you can use to help your students better understand the purposes and process of primaries and caucuses and allow them to evaluate the current systems.


  • Students will examine the caucus and primary systems of selecting delegates
  • Students will discuss the processes involved in the two systems
  • Students will determine the pros and cons for each system

Teaching Black History with Newsela

Connecting Current Events to the Past

Celebrate black history with your students by using current events to get them to look back into the past. This collection of resources highlights key themes in black history that we think your students will love to explore this month.

Celebrating Black Artists with Newsela

Overarching question: How can we celebrate the accomplishment of black artists?

Students will be able to analyze the works of notable black American artists to make connections to their contributions to American culture. After reading about the accomplishments of Misty Copeland, a contemporary ballet dancer, students will trace the success of black artists from the Harlem Renaissance to today. How did these artists encourage the development of future black artists? To what extent are black artists limited in “mainstream” art?

Hemisphere's Summer Teachers' Institute: Food: Cultures & Controversies

Food: Cultures & Controversies

June 6–9, 2016
UT-Austin Campus

If you’ve glanced at a menu or taken a stroll down the grocery aisle lately, you know our tastes in food have changed dramatically in the past few decades. From chipotles and wasabi to açai berries and curries of all sorts, there’s no denying that the world has gotten smaller and our palettes have been the benefactors.

This isn’t a new process: from the first traders who set out along the Indian Ocean coast in prehistory, to the global spice trade that sent Columbus sailing the ocean blue in search of wealth that grows on trees, to Gandhi’s march to demand the right to make salt from the water lapping at India’s shores, the result of countless powerful economic, political, and social forces can often be seen on the dinner plate.

And it continues, with new worries about how to feed the world's growing population without overfishing the seas and over harvesting the earth concern scientists and policymakers alike. This year’s Summer Teachers’ Institute will examine the cultures and controversies associated with one of the most basic things all human beings share: food.

Registration info:

Registration for the workshop is on a first-paid, first-registered basis. We accept payment by check (payable to UT Austin), credit card, and purchase order from your school or ISD.

Registration fees:

  • $100 standard registration (no housing)
  • $125 standard registration; includes housing in shared accommodations.
  • $275 standard registration; includes housing in single accommodations (limited).

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