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“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden


Family Specialist

Juan A. Velasquez

NEISD Family Specialist

Stone Oak Elementary School

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December Topics


ESL Class: English as a Second Language (ESL) is a program of instruction designed to help individuals achieve competence in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension of the English language.

Mommy & Me: Provide a combined approach of interactive parenting workshops and delivery of rich parenting content at home so families can learn and practice parenting skills with their peers and build a strong home learning practice.

Practical Parent Education: Join us as we learn and participate in a virtual Practical Parent Education class, we hope that your involvement will provide a valuable growing experience for you as an individual and parent.

* Strengthen families through education and validation in their efforts to raise strong, self-confident, mentally healthy children

* Provide a support network for parents in an ever-changing, mobile society

* Promote effective community-school-family partnerships

* Provide professional resources and materials within the community

San Antonio Food Bank Nutrition: Join us every week for a virtual Nutrition Education Class and learn about basic nutrition and physical activity classes which include topics like: "Healthy Eating on a Budget", "Shake the Salt Habit", "Reading the Food Label", "Get Started in Moving More" and much more! All sessions include hand out and healthy recipes, which will help participants reach their healthy lifestyle goals


Communities In Schools: Join us for a 3-week parenting series to enhance your parenting skills by learning different strategies of Conscious Discipline. Presented by Valerie Kozlovsky, M.A., LPC Communities in School (CIS).

Help Children Cope with Divorce & Separation: Holiday time will be upon us before you know it. This time of year, can stir up unresolved feelings. Join this 4-part series on helping children deal with divorce.

Human Trafficking: The purpose of this training course is to increase the level of awareness and knowledge about human trafficking and exploitation; with an emphasis on sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors.

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center: Breaking the Silence Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety

* Understanding Anxiety and the Brain

* Tips for Recognizing Anxiety in Ourselves and our Children

* Tools for Reducing Anxiety

Virtual Painting Workshop: Painting serves as an emotional release for people who are under stress. It helps in stimulating the creative mind while relieving mental strain. Releasing anxiety through painting helps in lowering stress levels and improving overall mental health. Join us to our free virtual painting classes, Canvas, Brushes & Paint will also be provided when you RSVP.



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Stone Oak Elementary School

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Stone Oak Elementary School

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