News from Room 11

March 15, 2013

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What We Will be learning/doing Next Week:



encourage, friendship, relationship, rely, suggest, behavior, group, plead, soar, vivid, culture, custom, language, skill, similar, agree, argue, accomplish, attempt, goal

- Grammar:

*Verbs - Was and Were

*Contractions with NOT (doesn’t, haven’t, shouldn’t)

*Grammar: Contractions with NOT (doesn’t, haven’t, shouldn’t)

*See and Saw

*Capitalization of Proper Nouns

*Has and Have

- Spelling Words:

mail, chain, play, rain, way, day, string, split, walked, eight, bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, bunny; my, night, or, because, find, night, by, kind, right, my, boat, no, never, should, low, boat, no, row coat, go, better, buy, change, move, me, feed, seat, we, keep, beak, play, rain, give, write

Important Notes:

-Please have your child log on to, Raz -Kids as much as possible and take the comprehension tests after completing each story.

You can log on through your computer at: or get the app, Learning A-Z. The username is: christycampbell11

Important Dates:

April 8th-12th: Spring Break-No School


Christy Campbell

We Will Miss you Ms. Romo!

We all signed and painted a cookie jar!