Bush II

The one everyone hates - but why?

Terrorism, War, and Bush 43: Crash Course US History #46

Assignment - 1/2 Page Writing

Why are third party candidates important, even though they so rarely win elections?

Bush II Nuts and Bolts

-2000 election - Texas Governor running against Democrat VP, Al Gore

-The election was VERY close, partly because a 3rd party candidate, Ralph Nader, took votes (mainly from the Democrats)

-The news FIRST announced Gore as the winner, but the state of Florida was in doubt...the news THEN said Bush had won, but it wasn't over yet

-Gore had more overall votes (popular election), but Bush won the electoral college

-They had to recount Florida b/c some voting cards were unclear, but eventually the Supreme Court ended the recount, and Bush was left as the winner

-No Child Left Behind - trying to improve education standards throughout the nation

-9/11 - attack happened a few months after he took over; he sent troops in retaliation

-PATRIOT Act, Dept of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Agency created to ensure our safety after the attacks

-War effort lasted over a decade, with troops fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the Middle East

-Katrina - The Hurricane happened. The federal response was what you would expect from a large bureaucracy - slow and not enough (just ask Kwest)

-Economic Troubles toward the end - the economy was hurting for many reasons: house foreclosures, bank issues, individuals over crediting, growth of globalization

Day 2 Bush

Vocab Models - For each of these, draw the Frayer Model - word in the center, four boxes around it.

-No Child Left Behind


-Dept of Homeland Security


-Military Tribunal

In the four boxes - include: 1-definition; 2-how it protects us; 3-example; 4-non-example