Analiese Gerald

Becoming President

  • after Nixon's resignation, Congress voted vice president Ford in as president

  • widely thought of as dim witted and not worthy of becoming president

  • further shocked and displeased the nation when he pardoned Nixon of all charges; was accused of striking a deal with Nixon but claimed that he wanted to prevent a distracting trail and end Nixon's misery

End of Vietnam War

  • North Vietnam moved forward with their powerful attack southward and without American troops, the South crumbled

  • Ford called for congress to provide aid but none came

  • any remaining Americans and about 140,000 South Vietnamese had to be evacuated by Helicopter by April 1975

  • by losing the war American lost confidence, economic muscle, and power in the eyes of other countries

Other Things

  • Title XI of the Education Amendments (1972)- prohibited sex discrimination in any federally assisted educational program or activity

  • Allan Blakke- in 1978 the Supreme court agreed with his claim that the University of California's medical school favored minority applicants; court forced school to admit him

  • Roe v. Wade (1973)- struck down laws that prohibited abortion, arguing for a woman to have a choice