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Special Edition: August 9, 2020

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Principal's Message

Dear West TV families,

Welcome to August! In about five weeks, students will start their first day of school with their new class on Monday, September 14th!

As you know, we will begin the year with online learning only - Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) - through November 13th. Teachers will be dedicating time during the first weeks of school building relationships with their students and helping students in their class connect with each other online via Zoom.

The details about what the daily & weekly schedules will look like for online learning this fall are in development. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is expected to release additional guidance for districts this week on August 11th. As soon as the schedules are available, I'll be sure to share them with you.

As a District, we are putting together a set of presentations on topics to assist families with Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). I anticipate these will be scheduled during the first two weeks of September. More details to come.

While many details are still in development at this time, I have scheduled two Principal Chats via Zoom so that I can answer questions you may have. There will be an evening session on August 20th and a morning session on August 21st. The Zoom times & links are below.

These are both informal opportunities to ask questions. There will be no new information shared during these sessions. Any new school related information will always be emailed to all families as it becomes available.

I've listed below answers to questions I've received recently that you may find helpful.

Do I need to enroll my child in CDL (Comprehensive Distance Learning) at West TV?

No. Any student registered for school at West TV will automatically be enrolled in CDL.

When will I find out who my child's teacher is?

Most likely the first week in September.

If 2 or more families are planning to coordinate child care/online learning at home, is it possible for our children in the same grade to be assigned the same teacher?

I cannot guarantee that this will be possible, but I will do my best. Please send me an email if this is a need for your family.

Can I tell the school now if I have a preference for Attendance Group 1 or for Attendance Group 2 for when we begin hybrid at-school learning on November 16th?

Students in Attendance Group 1 would attend school Monday & Tuesday.

Students in Attendance Group 2 would attend school Thursday & Friday.

Yes, please send me an email if you have a preference. However, please know there is no guarantee that your child will be in the attendance group you request.

If I'm not comfortable having my child begin hybrid at-school learning on November 16th, can I continue CDL online learning 5 days a week?


Is the option for CDL online learning 5 days a week going to be available for the full school year?


Please email me directly if you have questions at

You may also call and leave a message at the school (503) 356-2510 as I will be checking messages each week until the secretaries return on Tuesday, August 18th.

I hope you continue to enjoy time with your family and are staying safe.

Principal Valentine

Principal Chats via Zoom

These will be informal question/answer opportunities. If you are unable to attend, please email me directly with your questions.

If you have not used Zoom previously, be sure to download Zoom onto your device prior to the chat (it's free to download). You can use either your smartphone, iPad or computer. For more information, go to

Thursday, August 20


Zoom meeting link: click here or enter Meeting ID

Meeting ID: 969 7387 6672

Passcode: Allstars

Friday, August 21


Zoom meeting link: click here or enter Meeting ID

Meeting ID: 969 4933 1049

Passcode: Allstars

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West TV Staff 2020-21

Listed below are the staff that are expected to be at West TV this school year; however, please know that staffing changes can still occur before school begins but it is not likely.


Katie Hoffman

Angie Regali

1st Grade:

Megan Brock

Andrew Paul

2nd Grade:

Brooke Bailey

Kellie Tichenor

3rd Grade:

Darleen Anderson

Heather Griffin

4th Grade:

Andy Blanc

Courtney Hauser

5th Grade:

Marisa Knudsen

Rachel Youm

SCC Teacher:

Erin Rosett

ELL Teacher:

Monica Paas


Krasi Nikolov (Music Teacher)

Nicole Cereda (Physical Education Teacher)

Ana Brown (Technology Assistant)

Barb VanKleek (Media Library Assistant)

Alli Bieker (School Psychologist)

Lisa Gerig (Learning Specialist in the Resource Room)

Ali Fisque (Speech Language Pathologist)

Kaija Daniel-Hoffman (Counselor)

Susan Leonard (Student Success Coach)

Susan Leonard (Intervention Teacher)

Other staff:

Peggy Martin (Office Assistant IV)

Susan Boos (Office Assistant II)

Luis Martinez (Custodian Foreman I)

Adolfo Vega (Custodian I)

Lisa Hackney (Kitchen lead)

Sue Barry (Kitchen)

Amy Hoffert (Para Educator I)

Tandi Rose (Para Educator I)

Kathy Gray (Para Educator II - SCC)

Janeen Johnson (Para Educator II - SCC)

Mitchell Bohanan (Technology Support)

Zandi Wesenberg (Nurse)

Ali Schrader (Social Worker)

  • All of our K-5 teachers taught at West TV last year in the same grade they will teach this year with one exception: Heather Griffin has been moved from 5th Grade to 3rd Grade.
  • Kaija Daniel-Hoffman (Counselor) will start the school year on a Leave of Absence and Chris Sonnichsen will be her subbing for her during her absence. Mrs. Daniel-Hoffman will return on October 26th.
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At West TV we aspire to develop empowered lifelong learners who make a positive difference in the global community.

District Goal: WE empower all students to achieve post-high school success.

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