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Friday, December 18. 2015

LMES Is Giving Back for the Holidays

Here at LMES, in conjunction with the PTO, students have adopted a shelf at both the Southbury and Middlebury food bank organizations. Today, Mrs. Gallis from the Southbury Food Bank visited to thank LMES for our generosity. Stay tuned for more information regarding what you can do to help us help others!

Fire Prevention Poster Contest Winners!

We have some very proud winners of the Middlebury Fire Prevention Poster Contest! From grade 4, Lola McMahon in Mrs. Kelly's classroom won second place. In grade 5, Luke Brower from Vesneski's class got second place, and Hector Astudillo from Mrs. Collins' classroom got first place! The winners were treated to a tour of the fire department, a special ceremony held in their honor, and the first place posters will go on to the next level!

Second Grade STEM Projects

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math make up the STEM focus for LMES this year. In second grade, students have been working on STEM projects every week. Mrs. Burke put together a beautiful slideshow that captures not only the steps students took as they underwent come of these projects but also the priceless expressions on their faces as they learned collaboratively through critical thinking and problem-solving, hands-on activities! Watch the movie here (click or paste this into your web browser): https://animoto.com/play/uth804ffBYGhikDY8MNr6Q?autostart=1

Cultural Awareness at LMES

To introduce Cultural Awareness we have been doing the following at the Library Media Center:

Students in grades K-1 have been reading The Crayon Box That Talked, We Are a Rainbow, and Whoever You Are. Grade 2 has been exploring customs around the world while practicing note-taking skills using our PebbleGo database. We have focused on birthdays and school around the world as those are common to all children. In grades 3 & 4, students have been working on Comparing and Contrasting a day in our life with a Day in the Life of students in Africa for grade 3 (Egypt, Madagascar and Kenya), and Asia for grade 4 (India, China and Russia). In grade 5, we are working on informational writing pieces by exploring the text If America Were a Village.

Next Week Has Full Days Mon-Fri!

Monday, Dec. 21st, 9am to Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 3:45pm

65 North Benson Road

Middlebury, CT

School will be in session for full days Monday, Tuesday and especially Wednesday, December 23rd.


Pie is like a sunny day, awesome, sweet, and warm.

Pie is like a cup of cocoa on a cold winter day.

The first time I tasted pie was the first time I tasted life.

Pie is like the sun glowing bright in the day.

Pie is the most beautiful thing in the world.

I want you to eat pie, I want you to like pie, I want you to make me a pie.

Pie is a cool giant meatball if you want so call out to pie

and it will call out to you.

-by Logan Keane, Miss Masella's 4th grade class

Christmas is Here!

The stars were so bright like Christmas tree lights.

The cookies are as sugary as 5 Oreos put together.

What a better way to celebrate Christmas.

Chhhhhhhhhh the wrapping paper went as we opened our presents.

The star on the tree was so sparkly like a diamond.

Your family's like a present a gift of love and one thing I love is saying Happy Holiday.

-By Emma Kaplan, Miss Masella's 4th grade class

Sharing Expert Texts

In first grade, students have been working hard on writing nonfiction texts about a topic that they are experts in. I had the pleasure of sitting in on their writing process this week, and it was fascinating to see the progress from planning to rough draft and finally the final draft! To celebrate their success and to understand that they are writing for a real audience, the students in Mrs. Jehning's class hosted kindergarteners and read their texts to them! The kindergarteners said that they learned so much from the experience!
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Leopard's Pride

Today was our final Leopard's Pride of the year! We said goodbye to 2015 with a fantastic show, featuring STEM projects, art celebrations, poems and some carols!