Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude

By:Hannah and Delaney and Sierra

Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude

There once was a princess who could make beautiful golden thread. She had 8 unicorn ponies and she loved them very much. One day a giant and started stealing the princess's ponies one by one. A cool motorcycle dude came and helped the princess get her 8 unicorn ponies back and gets the golden thread as a reward. The princess got tired of waiting and went to help rescue the ponies. The motorcycle dude made blankets that made you look invisible. The motorcycle duded and the princess put one blankets on themselves. Then they rescued the ponies after the giant fell off the cliff because he heard voices. Then they lived happily ever after.

The Main Idea...

A princess and a cool motorcycle dude rescued the princesses 8 unicorn ponies.


Go after the things you love.

(The princess loves her unicorn ponies)

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Character Traits...

The motorcycle dude was courageous.

The princess was loyal.

Cite Texual Evidence...

This evidence supports the character traits and the theme.

Theme: The text states,"So that night the princesses has this huge an tremendous battle."

The motorcycle dude was courageous:The text states,'' He says he'll protect the last pony if the king gives him all the golden thread that the princess makes.''

The princess was loyal: The text states,"Princess tenderheart goes to the gym and pumps iron." ( she does this so she can go and rescue her unicorn ponies)