Dragon Points


While it's the start of the 2016, in the land of education it is halftime. An internet search defines halftime as the time at which half of a game or contest is completed, especially when marked by an intermission. When I am watching basketball or football, my favorite games are always when the team who is losing makes a stunning comeback. In some cases, the great comeback results in a loss, but in others a victory. The greatness always lies in the effort of the team who puts forth the presumptions that they have lost, but still strives for greatness or the team who feels like the game is won and realizes they have to work even harder to sustain the victory. In either scenario, it is marked by hard work and tenacity which defines the key characteristic of each one of you in this building. This Dragon Points has a lot of reminders to flesh out how we started the school year and the fire that exists in each one you to move forward. With Operation Success, Dragon Time Tutoring, CBA's, STAAR and other items around the corner it is more important than ever to stay focused. A wise man once told me that teachers are the most important people in any school and that theory can be tested in the fact that administrators can go all day and not be seen or heard; but the moment a teacher is out of class, the school must hire a substitute. The best way to sum up this soliloquy is to quote an old sports terminology, "leave it all on the field." Don't let a day go by without wondering if you put forth your best effort in the life of a student.

Classroom Management Reminders

  • All effective teachers are effective classroom managers.
  • Even the most effective teachers work diligently to continually improve their classroom management skills.
  • Not all teachers are effective classroom managers.
  • Without effective management skills, effective teaching cannot occur.
  • All teachers possess the ability to become more effective, yet many fail to do so because they lack management skills. This leads us back to bullet number one. All effective teachers are effective classroom managers.

Rules and Procedures Reminders

  • You should never have more than five rules.
  • You should have many procedures.
  • An example of a rule: We agree not to hit each other.
  • Examples of procedures include: how to walk to lunch, how to ask permission to speak, how to get in and out of groups.

The Power Zone

The most effective place for a teacher to conduct his or her craft is the "power zone." A teacher occupying the power zone is simply teaching or monitoring in close proximity to one student or a small group of students, or the entire classroom full of students. You will be stunned. Stunned by soup. You can't eat this soup standing up. Your knees will buckle.

What should be on your board?

  • Agenda
  • Content and Language Objectives
  • Word Wall
  • Rules and Procedures

What should be in your lesson plans?

  • Content and Language Objectives
  • TEKS: Example 7.2
  • Weekly Agenda
  • Associated Vocabulary (Word Wall)

What should be outside your door?

  • Your name and where you went to school. (See Mr. Harvey)
  • Tutoring Schedule
  • Teacher Dragon


Students will receive their new schedules in their first period class on Tuesday, January 19th. When you arrive to school on Tuesday morning look for these to be in your box with instructions given over the intercom. If you have a substitute leave instructions for them to check your box.

Odds and Ends

  • Staff Bragin' (Kudos) Board: In the lounge is our recognition board for faculty and staff members to recognize other faculty and staff members. There should be a box with small Energy Buses so that you can write and post something positive for another staff member. This is then used to determine our Teacher of the Month as well as the Staff Member of the Month.
  • If you allow your class to go to the restroom during (within) a block period then you must take the entire class and escort them. Students left on their own without supervision is a perfect opportunity for inappropriate incidents to occur.
  • Do not agree to allow parents to visit your classroom. All classroom visits whether by a parent, guest speaker, etc. must have my pre-approval. If it is a parent, there are forms in the office that must be completed before I will agree to the visit.


Student Council and the student body will be taking over the school theme and additional grade level quotes for next school year. Thank you Kajandar, Ashmore, and Hicks.


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