Career Development

Taylor Jones

The four personality types

My personality type is Blue

1) Helper-Blue

Being a helper means i am a team player, i am friendly, i think of others, i am loyal, a peacemaker, and i am devoted. My core need is relationship.

2) Thinker- Green

A thinker is curious, intellectual, visionary, problem solver, asks why, logical, high standards, rational, strategic, futuristic, and loves learning. The core need is competency.

3) Planner- Gold

A planner is organized, prepared, committed, loyal, traditional, decisive, structured, responsible, punctual, dependable, and detailed. The core need is responsibility.

4) Doer- Orange

A doer is a leader who everyone follows, always do stuff based on instinct instead on thinking first, witty and humorous, lose interest, loud, interrupts, hates formality and slow paces.

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