Mrs. Wells' Weekly Reader

September 19th-23rd

Weekly Topics

Reading-We are working on identifying who, what, when, why, problem, and solution in a text. We will continue with Daily 5 Implementation, and I am so proud of the students. They are working so hard to build their reading stamina, and they are up to 17 minutes right now. I am also continuing to complete the beginning of year mClass assessments.

Math-We are working on adding number strings, identifying coins and their values, as well as adding coins together.

Social Studies-We are working on citizenship and the roles that different citizens play in a community. Later in the week, we will talk about the different types of community in the state.

Leader in Me-We are working on Habit 4, which is Think Win-Win. We will talk about different ways they can work as a team, where everyone works together, as a team to help each other.

Writing-The students are going to be taking an Interest Inventory later in the week, which will assist them in writing their own personal career goal. The results from the Interest Inventory will show them possible careers that they might be interested in.

Classroom Volunteers

I wanted to let everyone know that I have the papers from the beginning of the year for parents to sign up and volunteer in the room. I am going to start having parents come in the middle of October. The students need to have the chance to get used to the structure and routines in the room.

Beginning of the Year Conference

It is time to sign up for our beginning of the year conference. I have attached a google doc for you to sign up for a time for us to meet once I have completed the assessments at the end of the month. Please make sure you do not erase anyone's name if they have already signed up for a time. If you are unable to sign up online, I will be sending home a paper version as well. Please select 3 times that you would be able to meet, and I will send home a letter that we will have our conference in your child's Home Practice Binder.