Morph chair

Want a great chair?..... Morph chair is there.


This incredible chair morphs into any way you want to relax! The circumference sizes vary from 3-6 feet. Comes in any colors and can come as a hang chair or a regular chair on the ground.

What it can do

The chair includes:

~ Adjustable table

~ Comes in any color

~ Comes with different circumferences (distance around a circle)

~ Shape=circle

~ Foot rest is separate cost

~ Straps connected to table

~ Comes in hanging position or on the ground

Product features

Comes with table with straps to hold a book or electronic on it. Upgrades you can get is a foot rest ($20.00) and a choice between temperpedic ($130.00) seating or beanbag seating ($115.00)!! And the baby upgrade is a car seat version of this (65.00)


Good for ages (0-3 for Car Seat MorphChair) and (4-24 for Regular MorphChair) All cultures/Races , and good for both Girl and Boys. WARNING all boys and girls must weigh less than 195 lbs to relax on MorphChair or Serious or fatal injuries may occur if more than 195 lbs don't put your own life at risk.

Comparisons and Competitors

Site/store: Le Beanock Product: beanbag chair Price: $136.00

Site/store: Product: Aarnio bubble chair Price: $649.00

Site/store: Product:bubble chair Price:$854.95

Catch Phrases

We make it cause your worth it!!!

Imagination creation; it's what we do!!!!

Want a great chair, morphchair is there!!!!!

Customize and Personalize!!!!!!!!!!!


9 out of 12 customers enjoy this product. 8 out of 12 purchased it.