Fridley Online Academy Newsletter

April 2020

Quarter 3 runs through April 9:

Students should finish their Quarter 3 courses by April 9. If there are specific needs as we approach this goal, please communicate with your Mentor Teacher. Quarter 4 classes will roll out on Monday, April 12, or before. (There will not be separate report cards mailed out for Quarter 3. If you have questions regarding credit or grades, please ask your Mentor Teacher.)

Spring Break: March 29 - April 2

Students may continue to work throughout spring break, although teachers may not be available for support during that week.


Online Academy students may come in for the ACT and the MCA tests. Details are in the main newsletter and are communicated to families directly via email.

Opportunity for Support and Enrichment:

Beginning Wednesday, April 14, all FHS students, including Online Academy students will have the opportunity to come into school to meet with teachers or simply have a quiet place with steady internet to work. Bussing is provided to Fridley and NWSID students and our cafeteria will be open for breakfast and lunch. Students will need to sign up 9 days in advance. (This gives our transportation and nutritional services departments time to plan.) Look for more information to come. Mentor teachers will also have more information right after spring break.


Students should work on Edgenuity coursework 2 hours per school day, which can be done anytime during the day. If your child cannot do so due to illness or an appointment, you should call Sharon at 763-502-5604.

Student Expectations for FHS Online Academy:

  • Do your school work - work to stay on track from the beginning

  • Put in 2-4 hours every day (if you are sick, your guardian calls the attendance line)

  • Check your email every day; respond to emails from Fridley educators

  • Attend weekly Advisory Meetings with your mentor (or other assigned teacher)

  • Know the Academic Integrity guidelines and follow them

  • Check Google Classrooms: Grade-Level and Mentor

FHS Online Academy Lead:

Google Voice (text or call): ‪(763) 634-1489