June 2018 Newsletter

Westhampton Day School

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Our Spring into Summer and Kindergarten Graduation are all taking place the second week of June! Below is the schedule:

Tuesday, June 12th

4:00 PM: Two's Program

5:00 PM: Three's Program

Cookies and Lemonade to follow in the cafeteria after each performance

Wednesday, June 13th

4:30 PM: Pre-Kindergarten Program

Cookies and Lemonade to follow in the cafeteria after each performance

Thursday, June 14th

4:00 PM: Kindergarten Graduation & Courtyard Reception

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WDS Sunday [Sunday, June 10th]

We're wrapping up our year long "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" chapel theme at WDS Sunday! Please plan on wearing your WDS Spirit Gear (or blue & green) and join us for an hour of worship on Sunday, June 10th at 11:00 AM! The class with the highest attendance will get a pizza party!

Noon Dismissal on Last Day of School! [Friday, June 15th]

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WDS Satellite Campus at the Early Education Center

WDS is Expanding!

Westhampton Day School is thrilled to announce an expansion of services – two classrooms hosted on a brand new, satellite campus. The additional two classroom spaces will accommodate a three-year-old class and a Pre-Kindergarten class – conveniently located in a custom, thoughtfully designed space across from Willow Lawn Shopping Center.

Students enrolled with the WDS Satellite Campus at the Early Education Center at The Faison Center (1600 Willow Lawn Drive, Richmond, VA 23230) will be part of the WDS family while enjoying an inclusive, collaborative classroom. Students from The Faison Center will visit to interact periodically each day with the traditional classroom environment of WDS.

Please share with families, friends and colleagues you know who are excited to become part of the WDS family!

Operating Hours:

7:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Tuition Rate:

$160/week for first child

$145.00/week for additional child

If you have any questions about enrollment or about the EEC program in general, feel free to call the WDS office at (804) 282-7459 or email Alex Strabley at alexstrabley@westhamptondayschool.org.

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A HUGE thank you to our WDS families for making the 2017 - 2018 school year such a success! It has been a wonderful year of learning, growing, and great family memories. Onto our summer 2018 program!

Director's Blurb

WDS Sunday is June 10th at 11:00. Our WDS students will lead the service with songs they have sung in chapel this year. The time we spend in worship here at WDS is very important to our students and staff. It gives us all a chance to stop and remember what is so very important and to appreciate that chance we have been given by God to come together and share. Here is a year in review of our chapel lessons for the year!

· September: Light and Dark

WDS students set a good example for others and encouraged good choices.

· October: Water and Sky

Like Noah, WDS students trust God and leaders, and listen to and follow directions.

· November: Earth and Plants

WDS students respect God’s creation and nurture and encourage growth in others.

· December: Star of Bethlehem

WDS students lead others to God, and also follow with patience (like the Wise Men).

· January: Sun, Moon, and Stars

When you wish upon a star, dreams come true! WDS students encourages the dreams and wishes of others.

· February: Birds and Fish

Just like a school of fish or a flock of birds, WDS students can do more together through team work as a group.

· March: Animals

Just like momma bears and their cubs, WDS students take care of and look out for one another in their school family.

· April: Humans

Just as Jesus loves all the children, so do WDS students love one another. They show this by including everyone!

· May: Rest

Our mindfulness actions at WDS help us to stay calm in challenging situations.

Please plan on attending WDS Sunday with your child on Sunday, June 10th and wear your WDS Spirit Wear or our WDS colors—blue and green! Please help WDS shine with your support!

Danielle Todd,

WDS Director

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Thanks to our wonderful WDS families, we have raised over $21,000 this school year! The money raised helped WDS cross off upgrading the Two's bathrooms, painting the first floor & cafeteria, fencing in the front yard, and adding items to our Dramatic Play centers! These items were all made possible thanks to your generous and continuous support of Westhampton Day School!