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Purcell High School - January 1, 2021

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Message from the Principal

On behalf of all staff at PHS, I would like to wish all families a Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to the return of our students this upcoming week. All students opting for in-person school will return to full in-person school this Tuesday, January 5th. Please remember there is no school on Monday, January 4th.

While we look forward to the hopefulness of a new year, we take a moment to reflect upon the lessons we learned from a year of unprecedented challenges. We learned a school without students is a VERY empty place. We also learned how much we miss our students. However, we are extremely proud of the resilience, flexibility, and resourcefulness our students, teacher, and parents demonstrated during the past semester. As anxious as all of us are to move past Covid and its impact on school, we appreciate the newfound skills we have discovered and developed.

We were fortunate at PHS to have in place a Personalized Learning Program (PL) that provided a working framework for facilitating virtual and blended learning options for families. Although none of us had experience delivering virtual online learning for our students, our existing PL program provided a blueprint and teachers with an existing skill set. We have learned much. We currently are planning for the future of student learning and working to further provide flexible learning platforms for all students. Learning platforms that will provide students schedule flexibility to pursue all available options to discover their full individual potential.

I encourage all parents to watch for important updates coming in the next two months about proposed changes to our learning platforms and the options they will provide all students. There will be a survey sent out to all parents in the next few weeks to provide every parent an opportunity to provide valuable input about the learning platforms we provide. Please see below our existing platforms and brief summaries of what they offer students.

Regardless of the learning path each student chooses to prepare them for their post high school lives, our basic mission remains unchanged:

Provide a high quality education for ALL of our students in a safe environment that respects all individuals.

Thank you


Go Dragons!

Always feel free to call or email me if you have questions,

405-442-0099 ext 505


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Welcome Back!

All students return for full in person school Tuesday, January 5th. Please remember there is no school Monday, January 4th.

Teaching and Learning: The Future of Learning Platforms at PHS

In the next few weeks I will share a parent survey that will seek your input regarding potential changes to the learning platforms we offer students. Please understand your input is critical and I urge all parents and guardians to watch for the survey and respond. Any significant changes to teaching and learning processes are approved by our School Improvement Team and of course ultimately under the supervision of Dr. McAdoo, school superintendent, and our school board. Prior to the proposal of any significant changes to learning systems, I will always seek input from parents and guardians.

The pandemic has forced us to offer virtual learning options and provided both students and teachers new skills and opportunities. We were fortunate to have an existing framework for flexible learning options through our Personalized Learning (PL) program that is now in its third year of existence. I'm very grateful for the hard work of those who led the implementation of this program. Due to the pandemic, we are currently offering our students 4 learning platform options. With every option our students also have the ability to opt for the amazing programs offered at Mid-America Technology Center.

  • Traditional Learning: In-person learning for 6 classes per day 5 days a week. Learning occurs in a traditional setting with a blended source of instructional delivery combining teacher lectures, collaborative learning, google classroom and other online resources, textbooks, etc

  • Personalized Learning (PL): Students attend in-person classes 2 days per week for each of their core classes (English, Social Studies, Math, and Science) and 5 days per week for each elective class. This allows tremendous flexibility, particularly for Juniors and Seniors, to take concurrent college courses, and participate in our service learning and job internship programs. It also allows students to work at a more individualized pace. Instruction occurs primarily through online delivery (Odysseyware) with the teacher acting as more of a facilitator through bi-weekly class meetings.

  • PAVE Virtual Learning: All courses, core subjects and electives, are taken online (Odysseyware). Students have an assigned PHS teacher for each course and have access to individualized help through Google Meets. This semester we are requiring all PAVE students attend PL class meetings virtually (through Google Meets).

  • PAVE blended learning: Students take core subject courses online (Odysseyware) and have the option to attend certain electives on campus (Athletics and Band). Most students who choose this option do so for sports or band.

We are currently in the process of conducting a year-long needs assessment through our School Improvement Team. Our primary focus is developing a 3 year strategic plan to build upon the successes of current learning systems and continue to provide each student a learning experience that best fits their individualized need. Your input is critical and it's important that you understand our existing systems.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have questions.


School Improvement Team (SIT)

As mentioned above, I've formed an important committee that is currently conducting a year-long needs assessment evaluating our current learning platforms. Any staff member had the opportunity to join this committee. Each committee member is required to attend monthly meetings and also complete work outside of their regular job responsibility. This committee is open to all staff members, certified and support. These are our current members:

Amber Findley, Teacher

Candy McCurdy, Teacher

Lynn Bayless, Teacher

Carol Testa, Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

Jack McNeely, Teacher

Emma Rolin, Teacher

Krysta Matthews. Teacher

Mayra Munoz, Teacher

Cara Simonton, Activities and Counseling Secretary

Liz Leonard, Teacher

Melissa Feroli, Counselor

Jason Sanders, Principal

Although several members of the committee also serve as parents of high school students, I'm very eager to add at least one outside parent to this important school committee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please call or email me. This would require you attending monthly meetings on a Wednesday from 3:30-4:30. We look forward to adding a parent to this committee.

Thank you


Congratulations Ryan Maynard on a prestigious honor!

Congratulations to senior Ryan Maynard for his selection to State Supt. Joy Hofmeister's 2021 Student Advisory council. Ryan is a second year member of the Council. This is quite an honor and recognition of Ryan's leadership and scholarship. Ryan holds a 4.20 GPA and currently ranks in the top 10 of his graduating class.

“Students have a lot to say about their education, and it is critical that we listen to them. The direct insight we receive from our students is incredibly valuable, and each year I am encouraged by the thoughtful reflection and fearless vision of these brilliant young leaders." - State Supt. Joy Hofmeister

The students, recommended by their district superintendents, hail from across Oklahoma and represent rural, urban and suburban schools of all sizes.

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Please make sure you click on this link for important spring updates for PAVE virtual students. This includes changes to attendance requirements, access to class meetings, and testing requirements for Blended Students. VERY IMPORTANT

Dragon Athletics!

  • Congrats to both teams on two exciting wins on senior night. I've included some pics (credit Julie Higgins) from both games. We are looking forward to basketball season moving into full gear next week. Please note an extra boys game was added for this weekend and information is linked below:

HS Boys Basketball Games at Silo on Saturday Jan 2nd: JV boys will play at 5:00 followed by the Varsity boys. No girls games. Silo has a mask required policy and a limit of 4 fans/player. See any boy basketball player to get on the list to guarantee you will be able to purchase a ticket at the gate.
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COVID-19 Protocols

As excited as we are for our students returning full in-person this Tuesday, please remember strict Covid-19 protocols remain in place:

  • All individuals are required to wear a mask at all times while inside the building.
  • Frequent hand washing. Hand sanitizing in all rooms.
  • Frequent cleaning of high traffic areas
  • Please stay home if you are sick.
  • Hallway traffic moves in one direction
  • Staggered lunch periods to reduce congestion in commons.
  • Quarantine protocols remain in place. Please take notice below of changes in District Protocol policy.

We are looking forward to a safe and productive Spring Semester!

Quarantine Protocols

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STOPIT Anonymous Reporting Tool

This link provides detailed information for the STOPIT app which is an easy and anonymous tool for students to report bullying issues, threats to the school, or students in need of help.

Click on Link for access to all Staff emails

Do you need to email a teacher or administrator?Click on the link above for access to all staff emails.

Food Resources Available for Students and Families

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma provides a food pantry for our students at Purcell High School. We offer snacks, pantry items and frozen items for them to choose from for school and to take home. The Purcell High School pantry is very well stocked and open for use each day. Please encourage your student(s) to make use of this amazing opportunity. If your family needs additional food assistance, please visit the The Food Bank website at and click on "Get Help" to learn about more resources.

Counselor's Corner


Freshmen AND Sophomores: Please remember that OKPromise applications are available for those who may qualify for this awesome program that ensures students who meet certain income requirements are able to go to a state college tuition free. To apply, go to

Click on the link below for important information regarding scholarships!

Parent Portal Information - Infinite Campus

Parents can now access student information on Infinite Campus (our new student information system) The link to parent portal is below.

IMPORTANT: you will need an activation key to access the parent portal. You must email Kim Cummings @ in order to get the activation key


upcoming events

  • January 4th - No School
  • January 18th - Martin Luther King Junior Day - No School
  • February 15th - Professional Development Day - No School
  • March 9th - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7:30 pm
  • March 11th - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7:30 pm
  • March 12th-19th - Spring Break - No School
  • April 2nd - Snow Day
  • May 13th - Last Day of School