ROYAL REVIEW (07.12.2022)

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As we begin to prepare for the 2022-2023 School Year, we are making some adjustments to the current dress code and we wanted to make you aware of them before you begin your back-to-school shopping and before you receive the Student/Parent Handbook.

Mass Attire: (All School Friday Masses, Major Feast Days, and Marian Celebrations)

Students will now have the option to dress up for Mass on All School Friday Masses and major Feast Days.

Boys: If choosing to dress up, boys should wear a button-up dress shirt of any solid color (short- or long-sleeved) with dress pants or their uniform pants and a tie. Any appropriate tie is acceptable.

-If your son is unable to dress up, he should wear the uniform polo shirt and uniform pants.

Girls: If choosing to dress up, girls should wear an appropriate length dress or skirt (uniform jumper, uniform skirt, or other church-type skirt or dress) with a short or long-sleeved solid-colored button-up or dressy blouse.

-Skirts and dresses should be at least to the knee and should not be tight-fitting or sleeveless.

-Skirts or dresses should be modest and church-appropriate, with no logos or words on them.

-If your daughter prefers not to wear a skirt or dress, she may wear a short or long-sleeved solid-colored button-up blouse or uniform polo with dress pants or uniform pants.

Spirit Wear Days:

Beginning in September, students may wear a Spirit Wear shirt on Thursdays with their regular uniform pants or shirts. A spirit shirt can be purchased from our Spirit Wear shop here. Order before July 15 for a discounted price.

-Students who have Spirit Wear shirts from past years may wear those as well; including your volleyball, football, soccer, and basketball spirit shirts.

Dress Down Days:

We will have a variety of days where we will offer dress-down opportunities. On these days, students will be asked to donate $1 and the money collected will go to one of our many Catholic-supported charities. (We will remind parents and students at that time, what is appropriate to wear)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Again, these changes will also be made in the Student/Parent Handbook that you will sign at the beginning of the year.

Many blessings,

Mr. Wiegmann


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