February 1st-5th

Dear Parents,

We had a fun-filled 100th day of school on Friday. They had been anxiously awaiting its arrival. As you know, this week is Catholic Schools Week! Students will earn a dress down day with any money they can bring in to donate to Catholic Charities. Monday is a comfy dress down day and students will participate in Buddy Game day. Students can bring a game to play with their 5th grade buddy. Tuesday is our All School mass. On Friday, the forms for Gus's pretzels are due to be enjoyed on Feb.9th.

Week Plans

Math: We will continue with our chapter on Subtraction. Problem solving to determine whether to use addition or subtraction may be a difficult concept to grasp, so any extra review at home will be helpful. I have seen improvement from the students who have been practicing nightly. Please keep up the great work!

Reading: The students will be working on reading comprehension this week and will be bringing home a couple comprehension worksheets to complete for homework as well. Guided reading groups will be continued and there will be reading/writing centers focusing on grammar, decodable group reading, January writing, alphabetizing, and following directions.

-Saxon Phonics: We will learn how to read and spell: combinations ar, or, and qu, & digraph ch. Please continue to review concepts learned in class on the bottom of the homework sheet as phonics increases in difficulty. There will be a Saxon reading assessment on Friday along with a spelling test over the words: us, six, yes,good,jump,five,name,stacked, napkin, *some, *was . The sentences are: The bee stung Bob on the heel. His heel swelled and felt hot.

Religion: Since it is Catholic Schools Week our focus will be discussion on the topic of the sacrifice families make and the blessing bestowed to be able to attend a Catholic School. In the Atrium for CGS, we will learn about the Presentation of Jesus. The VIP for this month is Cheerfulness.:)

Writing: We will be writing a KWO on Abe Lincoln and learning about his impact on our country as President.


Feb 5th: Saxon Spelling Test

Feb 9th: Gus's pretzels distributed and D.O.L test 16

Feb. 10th: Ash Wednesday Mass at 1:30

Feb 11th: Seussical The Musical Field Trip

Feb. 12th: Noon Dismissal. Valentines are to be passed out to be taken him to open. They must be addressed "My Friend". There are 24 students in our class.