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Twitter in Education

PowToon - Twitter in Education
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Preparing for the Techno Expo

The 2014 Techno Expo will be held on February 27th. While this event is still many months away, it is important to start preparing now. Please submit exemplar projects (those worthy of your SBBB) to the Peterson Expo Netschool Page:

Enrollment key: mustangs

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10 Tools in 10 Minutes

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App: The professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and remote desktop control. Can be utilized by both teachers and students.

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Air-play on device: AirServer is installed on your laptop and allows your iPad screen to be mirrored. Both the laptop and the iPad must be on the same wireless network in order to communicate. Please contact me if you are interested in utilizing airserver to allow you to be a mobile facilitator of learning.

Kelli Sanders, Library Media Specialist, CTL