Crabber Code Newsletter

November 2014

Discipline Data

October was another GREAT month. There is an overall decline in discipline referrals for minor misbehaviors. The most significant concern, as represented by the data this month, are the number of referrals for tardies.

There were approximately 259 total referrals for October. The top five discipline concerns are the following:

  • Tardies- 72
  • Skipping- 29
  • Insubordination-21
  • Class Disruption- 21
  • Disorderly Conduct-21

Once again we do very much appreciate your consistency in enforcing school policies and PBIS initiatives this year. We think this consistency has been the major factor in the reduction of major referrals we have seen this year.

Important Reminder-

One way to help alleviate the number of tardy referrals is to consistently stand at your door and usher students into class during all class changes. The PBIS team will begin to collect data on the number of teachers at their door between specific bells between classes.

4:1 Campaign

The 4:1 Honor Roll will be posted next week. The teachers who made the Honor Roll were determined by peer classroom observations and the number of Crabber Bucks received in the Krabba Shack!

Thank you to all the teachers and peer observers for participating in October's 4:1 campaign. We were able to successfully observe more than 53 teachers meeting the 4:1 ratio.

Congratulations !!!

4:1 Spotlight

Mr. Johnny Tolliver- Faculty Member of the Month


Q: How did it feel to be announced the winner of our first-ever Faculty Member of the Month?

A: I felt very overwhelmed.

Q: What do you believe you did to become Faculty Member of the Month?

A: I truly care about our students.

Q: Once you were chosen for this award, did your view of the students change?

A: No, the win reinforced my view of our students
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Announcements/ Upcoming Events

Krabba Shack

Krabba Shack is up and running in room 155. We solicit all donations and goods to help sustain the store.

Hours of Operation

Monday- Thursday from 3:10-3:45

Friday 7:30-8:00

During all four lunches on Thursdays

Classroom Management Workshop

Classroom Management Workshop- November 19th from 3:30-4:30 in room 244 entitled- “Feel, Felt, Found”—Please see Mr. Harris or Ms. Miller to sign up!

Parent of the Month

The PBIS team is looking for parent of the month nominations. This can be any parent of the HHS community that you feel supports the Crabber Code. Please see Ms. Miller or Mr. Wilson if you have any questions. More information is coming!!!

PBIS Student of the Month

We will nominate a PBIS student of the month beginning in December. This will be a student who exemplifies the Crabber Code. Please look out for more information from Ms. Miller.