$200 Tiek Give-Away

Book 4 in August!!

Ready. Set. BOOK!

Let's BOOK IT! I'm sharing that Hoopla LOVE and giving away a pair of $200 Tieks! You've got one week to book up August. Your GOAL = 4 Trunk Shows ON THE BOOKS!

No online shows count. One entry for every 4 shows....one ADDITIONAL entry for each show over 4. You MUST have the shows in the system. Our record pipeline was 200 shows....I bet we can knock that out of the park!

Why Four? It's one a week....a great pace to enter into fall. You've got BIG GLAM Goals....why not get a head start. Just think....4 shows would ensure you book 4-6 in September! That is momentum....and that is some $ in your pocket!

30% of $4,000 is $1,200 AND you'd meet 40 new people to book and sponsor!

AND....that $2500 Quick Start Glam bonus is SEALED!

Log Onto Team Page...

Stay inspired and report your bookings! There will be a Pinned Post on Friday, August 1st. You will be able to report if you have 4 or more trunk shows on the books. Shows MUST be in the system to qualify.


Let's BEAT OUR BEST! 200+ Trunk Shows in Our Ruby Red Pipeline! #ibelieve! xoxo