Cherokee Life

By: Sarah, Kacie, Seth, and Max

Inquiry Question

What was life like for the cherokee before, during, and after the settlers arrived?

Theme Question

How was America founded?

Sarah and Kacie thinks...

life for the cherokee during the settlers arriving was hard and difficult.

Max Thinks life was easier before the European settlers arrived.

the Cherokee was one of the tribes that had the most people in there tribe before the European settlers came.

Kacie thinks life for the Cherokee during the settlers arrival was hard, and also sometimes easier

-What the Cherokees did with the new settlers

-What they showed the settlers

-What the Cherokees fought

-What happened in 1738

-During the Revolutionary war

-After the Revolutionary war for the Cherokees

-What went on in 1785 for the Cherokees

-What did the Cherokees do in 1735