Rebirth Of A Nation

By Kameron Wilson

American Civil War

In the early 1860's the United States plunged into a civil war. The southern part of the U.S. was mainly cotton farming and favored slavery. However the North opposed it and wanted to outlaw it across the nation.

Media Bias

The newspaper displayed below shows bias through how they state their information. They said it in a way that makes the Union Navy sound really good and that they drove out the rebel troops with no trouble.
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Historical Criticism

The southern newspapers would discuss how that slavery was a tradition that needed to be upheld. They would portray the North and their leaders as bad people who want to take away the South's resources.

Media Modification's

In the South most newspapers got their information over telegraph. With this new technology it allowed for newspaper's to tweak or edit the news to their preference.
Media bias grew exponentially in this time period.
Civil War Extreme

The use of pictures in newspaper's

Civil war newspaper's used detailed drawings to depict the battles and other events to the viewer's. They had pictures of the aftermath with dead bodies everywhere and some with images of the heat of battle.