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February 1, 2021

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Note From Wendy

Greetings Staff,

It feels impossible that we are wrapping a bow on first semester this week. It has been both the longest and the shortest semester of my career. And weirdest. Embrace the weird, the long, the short, and hopefully the joy as it comes.

I want to clarify some information on observations:

  • · You may submit a video, or a selection of a video to be viewed as your observation
  • · You may opt to not submit a video
  • · Drop ins will still happen (variety of purposes)
  • · All teachers will be observed every year
  • · Only teachers on formal cycle (name appears in blue or green on the Supervision Roster) will have a formal evaluation meeting at the end of the school year, unless you would like one, of course.

Wednesday we are hoping to give you all back some professional time and cancel Kid Chats this week. If any team would like to meet for a Kid Chat, please reach out to counselors and admin so we can arrange it. We will still meet for Committees because this is the only Committee meeting we have this month. We are building this together!

Hope you all have a productive week. Please reach out for help when you need it.

Honored to Work Alongside You,


Adriano Celentano & Raffaella Carrà Prisencolinensinainciusol

Celentano circa 1973

The song is intended to sound to its Italian audience as if it is sung in English spoken with an American accent, designed to be "Bob Dylan-esque";[1] however, the lyrics are deliberately unintelligible gibberish with the exception of the words "all right". (wikipedia)
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AVID Strategy of the Week: 2/1/21

Strategy: Claim, Evidence, Reasoning

What: This is a writing format where a student makes a claim, provides evidence that backs that claim, and provides the reason that supports the claim.

Check out this resource: CER Sentence Starters

Community Building Strategy of the Week

Strategy: 20 Questions

What: A student selects an item in their room that they can hold and private messages the teacher with the object. The class takes turns asking yes or no questions to try and guess the object. It helps if the teacher or student selects a category for the object to narrow it down (i.e. something in the kitchen, school item, toy, etc.). This activity helps students to see what types of questions yield better information.

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Who Am I? #Inthedoghouse

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What's Going On?

This Week:

Monday- Mountaineer Monday, show your pride!


(Rescheduled) Equity Advisory Team 5:30-6:30

Wednesday- Regular Asynchronous Wednesday

9:10 Committees

Kid Chats Cancelled


Friday- Grading Day, Grades Due to Carrie by 4PM but appreciated earlier

Upcoming Events:

2/9 Staff Meeting

2/23 Book Clubs

2/24 My Generation

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