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By: Fatima Magsaysay

Awe-Inspiring Argentina

Argentina Through the Eyes of the Curious

Argentina is a breathtaking city that is located in South America, bordered by the Atlantic ocean and is settled between Chile and Uruguay. The heart of this lively nation is Buenos Aires which has an abundance of culture and unique individuals. However, just as much of the world, they have breathtaking sights that will have memories that will last a lifetime. The Iguazu Falls is truly one of mother nature’s most beautiful creation. Iguazu Falls is twice as tall and three times as wide compared to Niagara. However, the beauty doesn’t just end there. The Andes Mountain is the longest mountain range in the world that boast some of the tallest mountains. The size is enormous, spanning through about seven different countries. Not only that but there is the Pampas which is flat, fertile plains that range a great distance that has a unique animal and plant life. Although, Pampas is filled with nature but humans also inhabit it specifically the gauchos which are basically a cowboy that often explores the Pampas area. If you think that’s the last of it is not. Argentina Patagonia is definitely a sight to see which has three districts which are Lake District, Peninsula Valdes, and Southern Patagonia. The Lake District usually snowy mountains peaks border by villages. Peninsula Valdes is more known for its marine wildlife sanctuary. Lastly, is the Southern Patagonia which is mostly deserts and melting glaciers. However, the beauty of Patagonia and Argentina’s landscape is undesirable. However, the beauty doesn’t just stop there but they have a variety of dances. One dance is the Tango which is a sensual ballroom dance that expresses romance in their synchronized movements. Lastly, is there unique language that separates them to the rest of South America.They were mostly influenced by the Spanish, however, once Europeans started migrating to South America they caught on to Italian words that influenced their language. Overall, Argentina is a country that truly has no boundary in their culture, language, and nature.

Heart of Argentina

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Argentina capital Buenos Aires truly captures the beauty of the Argentinean Culture. It looks just as many European cities look like however it has a Latin American Twist to it. The La Casa Rosada, which is the president's office, truly shows the beauty of the buildings in Argentina. One other architect is the El Obelisco which is the historic monument and icon of the capital. The Portenos, which are the individuals that live in the city, are passionate, cultured, opinionated, and friendly. The streets are just as the streets of New York that bustle with life and business. Not only that but they have a variety of different cuisines that will tempt everyone even they are on a diet. The food is simply mouthwatering that you cannot resist to eat it. La Boca is a restaurant that truly serves the best steak that will leave you dreaming about it in your dreams. Lastly, is the most important part for many people which is shopping. Buenos Aires is truly a shopping paradise that contains any shopaholic dreams. Not only that but there are many places you may visit such as Tango Porteno which is an art deco theater. However, it isn’t always just the people but there is a variety of people. One, for example, is Carlos Gardel who is a singer, songwriter, composer, actor, and most importantly tango dancer. Another important figure is footballers and one person particularly named Diego Maradona who led the Argentine team to win the World Cup in 1986. Lastly, is Eva Peron which was the First Lady in 1946 that fought for women’s right and helped the poor individuals. Just as other individuals she helped shaped the Argentinian culture to what it is today. Overall, this is the city that will keep you mesmerized for the rest of your life.

Past of Destruction

Throughout Argentina history, there was a lot of good and bad events that have affected the country to become what it is now. However, there were some key aspects of history that should be pointed out and be remembered. An important person in the 1940s was Juan Peron who became Argentina’s most admired yet despised political figure. He first came to power as head of National Department of Labor in which he organized relief efforts after a major earthquake in San Juan which earned him respect throughout the country. This is also where he met Eva who eventually would become his wife and help shape Argentina's history. During 1946, Peron ran for president which he won. Not only that be he created a water-down dictatorship, however, he still allowed trade-union movement, extended political power to working class, secure women's voting rights, and allow universal education. Although he was praised for the things he did he also lost popularity during economic difficulties and rising inflation. This was when a military coup sent him into exile in Spain which caused three decades of military rule. However, Peron and Peronistas (Peron Justicialist Party) were planning their return to their homeland. In the 1960s economic problems, strikes, kidnappings, and guerrilla warfare caused Person to return and take rule after a Peronist Hector Campora resigned to give Peron the power. After 18 years of exile, Person finally united Argentina, however, Person died giving his power to his third wife Isabel.

Although there tranquility for some time it eventually ended in the 1960s and 70s due to the fact that anti-government protests were widespread. Isabel, who was now the leader, created the Triple-A with Jose Lopez Rega which was basically an army to take on revolutionary groups such as Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo and Montoneros. Soon Jorge Rafael Videla swore to crush antigovernment movements and restore order in which many of the public supported which is why he took a military coup to control the state of Argentina which caused terror among the people. Even though many individuals labeled it the Process of National Reorganization many of the forces went around the country arresting, torturing, raping, and killing anyone on their hit list of anti-government individuals. However, during 1976 and 1983, that is often called Guerra Sucia or Dirty War, many human right supporters disappeared (It’s estimated there were 30,000 people). Under the military rule, the country was collapsing which caused General Leopoldo Galtieri to take a role of the president. The only end of the Dirty War was when Leopoldo Galtieri decided to send the Argentine military to liberate the Falkland Islands from the British rule. However, he failed due to the fact he underestimated the British Prime Minister which cause them to surrender. Throughout history they had a lot of highs and lows as a country, however, in 2003, a presidential election Santa Cruz Governor Nestor Kirchner won and became known as the most popular president. Not only that but he was against corruption in which he makes 3 supreme court justices to leave. Although Kirchner did help the economy there was still a great deal of poverty. However, when Kirchner term was over his wife Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won as the first women president. Her career was filled with corruption scandal, tax-hike, and high inflation rates. Soon Cristina lost her power ending the hopes for an extended political win. Although, Argentina dealt with corruption, wars, and many problems they have grown to be a country trying to fix their problems. Just as any country Argentina has a rocky past that shaped them into the country they are today.

The Dirty War

Falkland Islands

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Iguazu Falls

Guarani Legend of Iguaza Falls

Before the Spanish arrival, the land around the Iguazu Falls belonged to the Guarani Indians. It was tradition that every year they would sacrifice a beautiful virgin to the Serpent God who lived within the river by throwing them into his home. Naipi, however, was not one of the girls but she was madly in love with Taruba, whom was a great warrior from a neighboring tribe. However, a few weeks before the marriage Naipi was walking near the river and the Serpent saw her reflection thinking she was the most beautiful women he has ever laid eyes on and demanded that Guarani tribe sacrifice her. The elder of the tribe made arrangements for Naipi to be sacrificed before she was married because the Serpent’s father was Tupa the supreme god. Taruba was furious and thought he could escape with Naipi by leaving through the River. However, Serpent saw Naipai get into the canoe which caused him to chase after them. Taruba rowed as much as he could and was able to keep distance, however, the Serpent got enraged and expanded his body to the size of the river. He slithered around causing the river to form curves and the canoe to rock back and forth. However, Taruba wouldn’t give up so Serpent caused the earth to split which caused the river to spill over the cracked earth sending the canoe spirals. This caused Taruba to get knocked out and tossed to barrier whereas Naipi was about to smash into the land below when Serpent decided to transform her into a rock so she would never be able to run. Taruba saw what happened and tried to run to her but his hand were pulled into the earth. Eventually, his fingers were stretched into the barrier and they turned into roots turning him into a palm tree which left him rooted above the falls. This was a way for Serpent to separate the two lovers by a waterfall so they could never see each other and it is even said that even to this day he still guards them in the water’s of Devil’s Throat. Although, Naipi and Tarua can never be together they show their love for each other by forming a rainbow which starts on the palm tree and reaches over the rock.

Fun Facts

  • It has 275 waterfalls.

  • Its name means “water” and “big.”

  • It was declared one of the seven wonders of Nature in 2011.

  • Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay border the falls.

  • The rainforest delta surrounding the falls boasts a whopping 2,000 species of plants.

  • There is a scenic rainbow formed on the waterfalls caused by the refraction of light against the mist caused by thundering waters.

  • Iguazu Falls is the sixth largest waterfall in the world.

  • Iguazu Falls featured in Moonraker, The Mission , Mr. Magoo , Miami Vice and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.
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