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Heritage Elementary

Principal: Kimberly Frank.

Assistant Principal: Christine Hill

Counselor: Deborah Crawford (3rd - 5th grades)

Counselor: Tanesha Garrett (Pre-K - 2nd grades)

School Psychologist: Emily Flippin

Financial and Principal's Secretary: Tamara Johnson

Registrar: Angela Rohe

Attendance Secretary: Erin Hunter-Day

Helpful information for families

Although this may not contain ALL the information you may need, we hope this gives you a great head start to being part of the Heritage Family. Please call the school office if you have any questions. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!! :) 405-340-2921

SCHOOL HOURS - 9:15 am - 3:55 pm

Front doors open at 8:50 for drop-off. Teachers provide supervision beginning at 8:50 am. Students are not to arrive before 8:50 and please do not leave students before this time. Boys and girls will go directly to their classrooms. Students are allowed to eat a paid breakfast in the cafeteria if their parents wish. Students should arrive at the cafeteria before 9:05 in order to have time to eat and not to be late to class. The tardy bell rings at 9:15.

Office hours are held from 8:50-4:15


First Bell 9:10 and Tardy Bell 9:15 (students should be in seats by this time)

Dismissal Bell 3:55

District Pre-K Times (late start schools)

Pre-K 9:15-3:25

Pre-K pickup will be in the north car loop from 3:25-3:30

Meet the Teacher Day - Aug 9th 3:00-6:00 come and go

The district sent all enrolled families an email towards the end of July regarding Utility Bill Online Verification and Meet the Teacher information. The PTO will have tables set up in the cafeteria for their usual information and sales.

If your enrollment is complete, you will get an email around 6:00 pm Monday the 8th from your child's teacher. If you do not receive that email, there must be some kind of enrollment deficiency and you will need to contact the school office the next day, the 9th after 11:00 am to clear that up. You should already have gotten a phone call if you have any of these deficiencies. Some common deficiencies are not turning in a valid July or August utility bill, immunizations, and not completing the annual update in the parent portal.

First Day Procedures - Aug 11th

Due to district safety/security procedures, parents and guests may not enter the building at arrival. On the first day of school there will be an adult or safety patrol for PK, K, new students, and anyone else needing assistance getting to their classroom. Parents may choose to park in the parking lot and walk their children to the door where they can say goodbye. If parents choose to do this, you must use the crosswalk and walk to the awning. This is just like last year - so parents, please don't worry. Last year, there were actually fewer tears than in previous years!

Beginning on the second day of school, district-wide, all students must be dropped off in the carline, bus, or be a neighborhood walker. No parent parking to walk up arrival will be allowed due to safety/security issues.

More information and details will be sent out by your child's teacher closer to this day.

Breakfast and Lunch student meals cost and information

Just a reminder that the federal waivers that provided free meals to all students expired on June 30, 2022.

2022-2023 Free and Reduced Application

We recommend all families apply, even if you think your family might not qualify. Many families don’t realize they are eligible and miss out on these financial benefits. Student information related to this program is highly confidential.

To ensure you receive free and reduced-price meals for your child(ren) during the 2022-2023 school year, you must fill out the required application.

Online applications offer faster processing (usually within 1 business day) than printed applications (up to 10 business days).

* Online applications are more accurate and more secure.

* Nine other language options are also available. (The meal application is available in 49 other languages by clicking here.)

If you do not have internet access for the online application, printed applications are available at the school office after August 1. Completed applications (pages 9 & 10 of the application packet), may be emailed to (Dan.Lindsey@edmondschools.net); faxed (405-330-7303); or turned in at your school office, or the Child Nutrition Office (125 N. State Street).

Complete Application to be Eligible for Prizes

Anyone who completes a free/reduced lunch application for this school year by midnight on Sept. 30, will be entered into a drawing to win a free smart TV. The district will give away two TVs. The winners will be selected from all applicants, even if they do not ultimately qualify for meal benefits. The drawing will be held in early October and the winner will be notified by phone.


Have questions? Contact child nutrition services at 405-340-2889.

Please note: Applications for this program must be completed every school year.

Elementary Schools Meal Cost:

Breakfast $2.00 (1st meal) / $2.30 (extras)

Lunch $3.30 (1st meal) / $4.85 (extras)

Extra Milk/Juice $ .50

Staff Breakfast $2.30 Lunch $4.85


If you visit Heritage, please be aware you will have to be buzzed in the front door by showing your ID and stating your name, purpose, and location. All visitors and guests must have either an appointment or specific purpose in order to enter the building. This procedure is for the safety and security of your child(ren) and our staff. If you must bring something to school that your child left, you will be asked to buzz in and then the leave the item on the table in the lobby. The item will be delivered to your child timely. Please try to limit student tardy check-ins and early check-outs during the day. There may be times visitors are not able to access to the building during school hours due to either a safety drill or safety event. More information will be put forth by the district soon.

Nickname: Heritage Heroes || Mascot: "Hero", the Eagle || Colors: Red, White, and Oklahoma Blue

Our Mission:

“Learning to Be Heroes"

Our Vision:

Imagine a school where…

Everyone has a purpose and a voice.

Everyone practices the Magic Triad.

All children feel gifted.

Collaboration is the norm, and ideas are always shared with each other.

Everyone has the opportunity to become a world changer.

Teachers are equipped in every possible way.

Everyone has a friend.

All faculty and staff are positive.

Everyone is a life-long learner.

All content areas are valued equally.

Kids feel safe: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Children come first.

The halls are full of laughter.

Children are self-motivated, engaged, active learners, who are excited about learning.

Our Values:

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Helen Keller

We believe that every child can be a hero, and we will foster the inner hero in each.

We will promote harmony at Heritage.

We convey love and support through all words and actions.

We will practice the GE 8 Expectations for Living and the GE 6 Tenets.


Honor individuality

Establish a community of service

Reach for our highest potential, and

Own our behavior.

We are heroes!



S- Show Respect

O- Observe Safety

A-Accept Responsibility

R- Ready to do my Best!

By following these guidelines, each of us can accomplish great things. Just Watch Us SOAR!

Heritage Student Creed:

We are Heritage Heroes!

We believe everyone has a purpose and a voice.

We do what we can and never give up.

As problem solvers, we use what we learn today

to become better people tomorrow.

We are world-changers:

We inspire, encourage, and serve.

Watch us SOAR!

Always make sure the Heritage office has your current email address to send you important information!

We email letters from the Principal, the weekly parent newsletter, updates on school and district events, activities, and much more to your number one contact's email address.


Label all lunch containers, thermos, backpacks, jackets, and other outerwear clothing with the name of the owner. If an item is found with a name, it will be returned to the owner. Unlabeled items will be disposed of and/or given to a local charitable organization periodically during the year.

Valuable items will be located in the Main Office.


Please call in all student absences to the attendance line at 405-726-4969 by 9:30 for EACH day your student will be sick or late. If your student is going to be late to school for any reason, please make sure and let our office know ahead of time (if possible) by calling our attendance line by 9:30 that morning. This number rings to a voicemail that is available 24 hours a day!

EARLY CHECKOUT is discouraged.... and will count towards their total absences.

Students will not be called out of class until a parent is present to sign them out. Please plan ahead for appointments, as students are learning from bell to bell and will miss valuable instructional class time when checked out.

Student illness & exclusion policies

Exclusion Policy

To prevent the spread of disease and to protect your student, please keep your student home for the following symptoms:

  • a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (must be fever free with no medication for 24 hours before return to school)
  • vomiting (must be vomit free for 24 hours before return to school)
  • diarrhea (must be diarrhea free for 24 hours before return to school)
  • head lice

If a student becomes ill during school, the parent/guardian of the student will be contacted and if the student meets the above criteria, the student must be checked out to go home. It is important to provide your student's school with updated contact numbers so parents/guardians may be reached concerning illness, as well as emergencies.

Medication Policy

If your child requires medication to be given at school, please contact the office immediately. There are forms to fill out and specific procedures to follow. This is the EPS policy regarding medications: https://edmondschools.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Policy-5530-Medication-Dispensing.revised-07-01-19.pdf


Fall Parties - October 31st - 3:15 for Kindergarten to Fifth grade, 2:30 for Pre-K

(students are not to wear costumes to school on Halloween)

(However, you can plan ahead for the annual Storybook Character dress up day that week)

Winter Parties - December 20th - 3:15 Kindergarten to Fifth grade, 2:30 or Pre-K

Valentine Parties - February 14th - 3:15 Kindergarten to Fifth grade, 2:30 or Pre-K

AT THIS TIME, DUE TO SECURE SCHOOL SAFETY/SECURITY MEASURES, ONLY 4 ADULT GUESTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND THE PARTIES. The Homeroom Parent of the class will send out a sign up sheet for those wanting to attend.

Homeroom moms will still organize the food donations through a sign up for the parties and will assure the food is store-bought and pre-packaged for the safety of our students. The homeroom mom will assure the food gets delivered to the school for the teacher to give the students ahead of the party time.

Programs, Events, Guests

While practicing safety measures, our district is planning to hold special events and music programs in person, usually in the evening. Each event will have specific details outlined beforehand.

Guests: There will be limited guests in the building to protect our student's and staff's safety/security, these guests would be volunteers in the PTO room and teacher help in the workrooms, not classrooms. WatchDOGs would also be permitted at this time. If you are volunteering, please know you will be asked for your identification and purpose/location.

Due to limited space, parents cannot have breakfast or lunch with their child in the cafeteria.

-Appointments for meetings and conferences can be prearranged with the teacher and principal.

Lunch and Recess for our students

Lunch: Students will sit in the cafeteria with their class. Due to space and safety, no parents can have breakfast or lunch with their child in the cafeteria this year.

According to district procedures as set forth in the district Elementary Handbook, no student shall have outside purchased lunch delivered via parent or other delivery services. Door Dash or any other delivery from outside sources will also not be permitted. If a child forgets their lunch, a parent may bring it to the lobby as long as it is in a student lunch box. The parent will drop the lunch box off with a label in the front entry way and the lunch box will be delivered to the child before or at their lunch time.

Recess: Students will still have outside recess when weather permits. Indoor recess protocols would be Heat Index of 100 degrees or higher, Wind Chill of 32 degrees or below, or excessive wind warnings.

The A, B, C's of our CARLOOP for drop off and pick up procedures

Our carloop can be a breeze if you follow these simple rules:

A. Always follow the instructions of the staff members on duty in our car loop.

B. Be aware, cautious, and considerate of other drivers, students, and teachers on our school grounds.

C. Cell phone use in the loop could cause distractions.

D. Display car tag clearly from rearview mirror.

Morning arrival and afternoon dismissal procedures

K-5 Dismissal: Dismissal for K-5 is at 3:55 P.M. All K-5 students should be picked up no later than 4:10 P.M. If parents arrive later than that, fees may apply.

Like last year, the Car Rider Plus dismissal release system will be in effect. Students will remain in their classroom until their car/bus/daycare arrives.

  1. The car loop procedure experience for parents won’t change much. We will use a system called Car Rider Plus and it will go fast- you can view an example of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5r9sLB1zTY&t=3s

  2. There will not be Parent Walkup to pick up children. This is a district-wide procedure,

  3. Students who live in the Twin Bridges neighborhood ONLY will still be able to walk home or ride bikes through the back gate. Address verification will be required. The Car Rider Plus system may also account for those students as they leave school.

Bus Riders: Elementary students may be eligible for transportation services. Students may ride only their regularly assigned bus and get off at their regularly assigned stop unless emergency arrangements have been made through the Director of Transportation. Food, gum, and soft drinks are prohibited on the bus. Damage to seats and other equipment must be paid for by the offender. Students are permitted to ride the bus as long as they abide by the bus rules they receive at the beginning of the year. The bus rules are listed in the District section of this handbook. Students should always get off at their bus stop and report home before going to a friend’s house to play. The Transportation Department can be reached at 340-2962.


Car Riders: For the morning arrival, a new district procedure states that ALL car riders are to use the front loop. Parents may no longer choose to park in the parking lot (except for the first day of school). A plan has been designed to ensure greater student safety and facilitate smoother traffic flow. Families who wish to drop-off or pick-up their children by car should only use the drive-through area at the front of the building. Also, parents in cars are asked to not cut in front of other cars waiting in line. Please follow the detailed drop-off and pick-up procedures below:

Parents who wish to pick up their children must enter campus using the main entrance.. Cars should enter the loop and pull completely forward around the curb to the loop allowing other cars to line up behind them. Please do not block traffic or double-park your car. Students are expected to unload/load 6-10 at a time at the front entrance plaza, under the supervision of a duty teacher and safety patrol. Stay in line even if you have your child, follow the loop around the curb until you exit out of the loop.

Please yield to school and daycare buses as they have a tight schedule they must follow.

Parents and guests must follow the requests and directions of the duty teachers. All other traffic lanes, entrances, and exits are expressly reserved for district transportation, mini-buses, and commercial daycare vans. Your cooperation with these procedures is appreciated and is for the safety and security of your child.

DISMISSAL PROCEDURES: For the safety of our students, please be aware of the after-school pick-up procedures:

*Each student will carry a dismissal tag on the loop of their backpack with personal information- this is particularly important for younger students who have not yet memorized this information.

*Please do not remove either of the two backpack tags. If it falls off, notify your child’s teacher immediately for a replacement. This tag is color-coded for your child's safety is is dependent upon your child’s dismissal location.

*This year there will be an additional layer of safety added with another backpack tag with the CAR RIDER PLUS number. Do not remove this tag either.

*At 3:50 PM, students will prepare to be dismissed from their classroom, younger grades will be escorted to their dismissal location inside the building. A teacher will be present to monitor students while they are waiting and also dismissing.

*Parents are to use the appropriate driveway loop and must clearly display a CAR RIDER PLUS tag on their car’s rearview mirror. This helps the duty teachers call for students and to quickly load them into vehicles. This greatly reduces the wait time for parents in line.

*Parents are the primary role models for their children. Cooperating with and respecting the staff members on duty sets a good example of respect for authority. Thank you!

*Additional duty teachers and safety patrol will manage loading vehicles by calling out students’ names to line up at the designated spots so that the car line can move quickly.

*Students must remain seated until their name is called, then go directly to the assigned spot and wait until their parent pulls forward completely and stops.

*Additional parent pickup tags are available for purchase in the front office to parents with a valid driver’s license.

*Parents may not park in the parking lot, walk between cars, and call for students to come to them-- this creates major safety concerns and confusion while the duty teachers attempt to perform their responsibilities.

*For the safety of your child, all adults must have a CAR RIDER PLUS tag to identify to the duty teacher you are the designated adult to pick up that student. Parents or family members who do not have a visor card will be asked to go to the office and show proper identification. For the safety of your child, students will not be released to those without proper ID and who are not listed on the contact sheet in the office.

Walkers: Students walking to school in the morning may enter through the front door. Students should not arrive before 8:50 A.M. Supervision of students will begin at 8:50 A.M.

Students walking home after school are expected to leave the school at dismissal time and go directly to their after-school location. Students should not stop at a friend’s house to play without prior parental arrangements.

The playground gate is for walkers or bike riders from the adjoining Twin Bridges neighborhood ONLY, address verification will be required. If a parent is meeting their child at the gate, parents should line up along the fence line spaced 6 feet apart and show their pick-up tag. If a student is walking home without a parent, the student should walk with the duty teacher and not run ahead. All safety and road laws MUST be followed.

Bike Riders Students: Students may ride non-motorized bicycles to school. Bikes should be walked on sidewalks and across crosswalks and parked in the bike racks located on the west side of the building. Students should not be around the bike area except to put away or pick up their bikes. The school will make every effort to safeguard bicycles, but cannot assume responsibility for them. It is strongly recommended that locks be used to secure bikes. Locks are not provided by the school.

Changing transportation: It is not advised to change your child’s manner of dismissal, however, circumstances may arise that warrant that occasionally. Students who are to go home using an alternate method from their normal procedure (bus, daycare, etc.) must have a parent contact the office prior to 2:30 PM notifying us of the change. Parents should work with their child and accurately rehearse any transportation changes with them the night before and call the office to notify us of the change in transportation plans. Children who tell us that they are going home differently than their regular method and do NOT have an email to the office and teacher will be sent home the regular way. This greatly alleviates confusion for everyone! Students are responsible for getting in the correct bus or daycare lines and shall not switch lines unless we have information about pre-arranged changes in transportation.

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Our counselors are Deborah Crawford for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades and Tanesha Garrett is the counselor for Pre-K. Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd grades. They are an integral part of the administrative team, working closely with administrators, teachers, and parents to support students. Please feel free to reach out to them via email at deborah.crawford@edmondschools.net and tanesha.garrett@edmondschools.net or by phone at 405-340-2921.

The Heritage school counseling program supports students and parents through classroom guidance lessons, crisis intervention, and consultation/collaboration. Classroom guidance lessons are taught in the classroom by the counselor and focus on key topics that apply to the student body. Students are instructed in topics that are relevant in their day-to-day lives and are given tools to utilize in daily situations. The school counselor works closely with the administration, as a team, to support students and parents in a crisis situation. Consultation and collaboration are highly utilized in the counseling office in order to best serve students and parents.

Each Bar Below is a Link to a Website - just click


Included in this handbook are District policies and procedures that relate to elementary age students. To access all EPS Policies go to http://edmondschools.net/parents-students/policies-procedures/

Heritage School Calendar

We offer many school activities. Please open link above for more information. We post and update items here periodically so check back often. You can print a hard copy.

Heritage Elementary School Supply List

This is the 22-23 school supply list. We would ask that parents send donations of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and sprays if able.

Heritage Elementary School WEBSITE

TONS of great and timely information for Heritage Families.


We will send important information to your phone, as a push, related to school dismissal changes, severe weather precautions, activities, events, and reminders.

Heritage Facebook Page

This is where you will find updated school information about upcoming events and activities.

PTO Facebook Page

Our PTO has a great Facebook page with upcoming school events, volunteer opportunities, and more. Check it out :)


Parent Portal access:

Parent Portal is a website that allows parents to access information about the student, such as current grades, attendance, print report card, & contact info. For your login credentials - see below or please contact the WI Registrar at 340-2210.



*Only parents and legal guardians can access Parent Portal.

*To access the portal, you must first fill out the pink Parent Portal form in the office and show a valid driver's license (if you haven't already done so).

*Once our registrar grants you access, you will receive an email (only on Mondays or Thursdays), click the link in the email within 24 hours to set up your username and password.

*You can then set up the Parent Portal as a mobile app on your mobile device.

*Report cards are only available on the Parent Portal. You can print them from the reports section every 9 weeks for a limited time.


1) Log into your mobile app or account on the computer

2) Choose the child

3) Click grades

4) You are able to set up your notification preferences in order to get notified if certain conditions about grades or attendance are met



1) Log into your Parent Portal account on your computer

2) Choose the child

3) Click Reports

4) Click View Report Card, then you can print from there

Report cards are only available to print for a limited time. If you need a copy, you can request one from the school office.



1) Log into your Parent Portal account on your computer (not phone)

2) Choose the child - you will need to do this for each child separately

3) Click on the demographic button on left side of screen

4) Click the Blue "Add Contact" button and add the information you want

Please Note: By adding a Non-Household Contact, you are giving permission for that person to pick up your student or be contacted if you are not available. Please do not enter email addresses for Non-Household contacts. Only phone numbers will be used.

We are proud that Heritage Elementary is a Great Expectations Model School for 7 years in a row!
Great Expectations Website

Rather than teaching WHAT to teach, Great Expectations methodology focuses on the learning climate and the HOW of teaching.


Child Nutrition info, menus, & free/reduced application

This link will take you the EPS Child Nutrition Website where you will find all sorts of information including menus, nutrition, free and reduced meal applications, online payments, pricing, wellness, and much more.

Link to sign up to have menu emailed

Sign up to have your student's menu(s)* emailed to you each month along with a monthly SuperKids Nutrition Newsletter

My Payments Plus - pay cafeteria meal balance if needed

This link will allow to prepay your student's meal account balance.


InTouch Online - to pay school fees online

Pay student activity fees, make donations and pay fines or fees online. In addition, you can view your student’s open fees and fines online in real time and view your student’s payment (receipts) ledger as well.



This link has bus routes information and bus FAQs. These routes will be updated with different times.


The website is fully compatible with mobile devices and modern browsers. One feature is a red ALERT BAR that can be activated during weather cancellations and when time-sensitive district-wide information needs to be communicated.


The district’s social media accounts are managed and updated frequently with emergency information, general information, events and achievements.

2022-23 EPS District Calendar Link

Start and End Dates, Holidays and Breaks

EPS Medical Authorization Forms and other Documents

Documents, policies, authorization forms, & important information can be found here. If your child gets a new medication that needs to be given at school, that form is here. You can have your doctor fill it out while you are at their office.