Moses Austin

By :😏 Jesus , Aaliyah

His Life In three Facts 😁

  • Moses Austin Was born In Durham Connecticut In October 4, 1761 .
  • In 1789 HIm and His brother Became partners in a mine and were very successful .
He expirend a Lot of financial setbacks and he got a lot of loans and expanded his bussniess.

Adulting 🚼

Adult Life πŸ‘«πŸ’˜

  • He Fell In Love With Mary Brown and Married Her On September 28,1785.He Had 3 Children, Stephen F. Austin, Emiley Austin Perry, and James E.B. Austin
  • One Night, He Survived An Attack By A Wild Panther, He Survived . But 8 Days Later He Caught Pneumonia . Pneumonia Is A Illness In Ones Lungs. He Never Really Recovered From it . And He Ended Up Dying In 1821.