Ariel Sharon

chen & noy kazav


Many people think that Ariel Sharon was a leader because he spend much of his life fighting for the territory of Israel Sharon fought in a lot of wars as Labanon war, Six-Day war, Kippur war and others…He sacrificed his life for the security of IsraelIn our opinion Ariel Sharon was a leader because he was a commander in the army from its creation in 1948 as a paratrooper and then officer. Sharon was one of the countrys greatest military stragists. thats why in our opinion Ariel Sharon was a leader.Many people loved Sharon, for eample Jon Kerry the secretary of the United States sad "I have many personal thoughts about my meetings with him on many different occasions always robust,strong and clear about his positions" a lot of people also hate Ariel Sharon for example the Plaestinians celebrated his death they sad that Sharon was responsible for hundreds of men,women and children that were massacared in 1982. One of then said "my heart beats with happiness because he is dead" In our opinion people from all over the world came to say last goodbye because he was greatest military stragists of Israel.He was an important leader and he affected about the middle east and the world .
Ariel Sharon Funeral: Israelis mourn former PM and army chief regarded as last of 1948 generation