Bill of Rights

Gisselle Z. U.S. History 3rd block

What are the Bill of Rights?

The first ten Amendments in constitution.

Bill 1: Freedom of speech, the press, and religion

What it means? You can make a complaint if you want, The Government doesn't have the right to stop you.

Bill 2: The right to bare arms

What it means?The government cant say a thing about citizens owning guns because they have the right to protect themselves. They could also serve as soldiers.

Bill 3: The right to privacy in the home

What it means? The soldiers cant get in your house to eat and sleep unless if British soldiers demanded colonists.

Bill 4: Unreasonable search and seizure

What it means? Police men cant get in your house to search because they need a search warranty and even though they still need a good reason for a search warranty.

Bill 5: Double jeopardy self incrimination and due process of law

What it means? They cant send you to jail or take your stuff if they take your stuff they pay you for it and you cant go to jail if you have anything against yourself.

Bill 6: The rights of the accused in criminal cases

What it means? Your trial should happen as soon as possible if you get charged a crime. You can have o lawyer to back you up.

Bill 7: The right to a jury trial

What it means?