Ms. Reed's Super Students

May 9th- 13th!


  1. Economics Fair- This is a REALLY cool project coming for us in a few weeks. A letter is being sent home this week explaining all about it. But we are getting real life examples and practice with goods and services as well as practicing to be producers and consumers.
  2. Summer Help/Practice-I will be compiling a list of apps and strategies for a little review and practice over the summer so these smart cookies don't crumble when they come back next year! I will also be sending home blank copies of all of our problem solving packets. Please keep your student on track and help them complete 2-3 problems a day or even just 5 a week. Any practice is better than NO practice!
  3. Reading and Math Club- The end is near! Next week will be our last week of reading and math clubs. (16th-20th)

Math Student Example

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This week we learned alot!

Math- This week we have continued our unit on financial literacy! These guys have learned the terms save, spend, account, withdrawal, deposit, charge, and credit. (some of those were just extra! ;) We have included producer and consumer to get us ready for the economics fair!

Reading- In reading we have started learning to synthesize by combining strategies to help us monitor our comprehension and watch how our thinking changes when reading fiction books.

Writing- We have continued showing off a bit. Since the year is winding down SO fast, we will be writing two pieces to put into their folders for next year's teacher to be amazed by! Last week we wrote a personal narrative and this week we are writing a persuasive letter!

Science- This week we have reviewed and taken our final science CBA! Since we have been learning about butterflies and insects life-cycles, we actually got some caterpillars and are studying their life cycle through authentic observations! Our caterpillars are now pupa's in their chrysalides!

Social Studies- Tomorrow we will be learning about the value of work and the choices people make about earning, spending and saving their money again!

Picture Walk through our week

Next Week....

Our second grade readers will continue to use a variety of comprehension strategies to understand nonfiction texts. They’re learning to synthesize and show how their thinking changes while reading texts.

Our writers will be drafting imaginative stories to show creativity in writing.

In math and social studies the boys and girls will continue to work with money values and learn the importance of saving, spending wisely and the roles of consumers and producers in economy. Please remember to help your child create between 15 and 30 products for the economics fair. The items will be stored in class, so May 26


your child should have their inventory ready.

Our science research will prompt the students to learn about an animal and answer questions about their basic needs, habitat and adaptations.


Friday, May 13th, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Celebrate Carroll Last week

The BFG by Roald Dahl

Friday, July 1st, 12pm

5655 Frisco Square Boulevard

Frisco, TX

We have been reading this as a class and the excitement these guys have had when they came running in to tell me they saw the trailer....gave me an idea.
This summer, I will be going to see the movie the Friday it comes out around lunch time (time TBD of course)
Disney's The BFG - Official Trailer

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