Book Report by Yohanna Gebreyohanns

About the book

The name of my book is Ruthless. Ruthless is written by Sara Shepard. Ruthless has 368 pages. It is in the drama and mystery genre.


During the book Emily changed the most. In the beginning Emily was a good girl and was focused on school. But later into the book she becomes pregnant and hides away with her sister in New Jersey. A minor character in the book was Isaac. Isaac was Emily's boyfriend and the father of the baby. But before Emily got pregnant she broke up with him, and later doesnt even tell Isaac about the child.


I think the ending was effective. The ending explained what Emily does with the baby. While Emily was in New Jersey a woman had offered her 50,000 dollars for Emily's baby. Emily took the offer but later figures out that the lady is crazy. She secretly returns the money, and leaves the baby on a couples doorstep that she looked up on an adoption website.

Juno - Official Trailer

Above is the trailer of the movie Juno. Juno reminds me of this book because a teen gets pregnant just like Emily and puts the baby up for adoption.

Ruthless belongs to a series of 14 books, the Pretty Little Liars series. It is the 10th book in the series. There is also a T.V. show based on the series. Below is a trailer for the T.V. show.

Pretty Little Liars - Trailer - Seasons 1-4 [Fanmade]