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On this date, Ken Jennings' record Jeopardy! victory streak was snapped.

What is November 30, 2004?
After winning nearly $3 million, he finally lost on this date 11 years ago.

  • Professional Development & Employment Opportunities


The Udall Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for students who are dedicated to environmental preservation OR Native American and pursuing a career related to tribal policy or health. Recipients earn up to $7,000 toward academic expenses and a four-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Tucson, Arizona to meet fellow recipients. Applicants for this scholarship must apply for nomination, and must first meet with a Fellowships Advising staff person (feladv@temple.edu) or Director of Honors, Ruth Ost (rost@temple.edu), to be granted access to the application. See the attached form for details.

To apply for the environmental scholarship, students may be in any major but must:
- be dedicated to environmental preservation (and have a track record to demonstrate your dedication);
- have notable leadership experience;
- be sophomores or juniors; and
- be US citizens or permanent residents.

To apply for the Native American tribal policy or health scholarship, students may be in any major but must:
- have a demonstrated commitment to Indian country through participation in cultural activities and service;
- have notable leadership experience;
- be dedicated to improving health care practice and policy or governance among Native Americans and/or Alaskan Natives;
- be sophomores or juniors; and
- be American Indians or Alaska Native.

To Apply
See the attached form for details. To apply for nomination, by January 15th, applicants must:
- meet with a Fellowships Advising staffperson (feladv@temple.edu) or Ruth Ost (rost@temple.edu) to be granted access to the application;
- submit a complete draft of the application by completing the online application (meet with Fellowships Advising staff or Ruth for access) and clicking submit;
- email the completed waiver form (see attached) to feladv@temple.edu; and
- have three letters of reference sent as email attachments tofeladv@temple.edu OR in hard copy if preferred to suite 201 Tuttleman Learning Center.

If you have questions, please email Fellowships Advising at feladv@temple.edu.

Professional Development & Employment Opportunities

Peer Academic Coaches Wanted!

Are you an academically successful student who wants to help others grow and learn how to be better students? At the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS), we are looking for students just like you! The Peer Academic Coaching program is seeking qualified applicants for Peer Academic Coach (PAC) positions this spring. Go to our website to learn more about the program and what PACs do:http://www.temple.edu/class/coaching/. If you like what you read, learn more about the job and the application procedures at www.temple.edu/class/student-jobs/.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is looking for some assistance in filming some promo videos for one of the major events: THE BIG CLIMB.

If you're interested, please contact Emily Fiore of LLS at emily.fiore@lls.org.

Enviromental Folks- Multimedia Research Internship with Professor Rod Coover


Professor Roderick Coover (Film and Media Arts) is leading a multimedia research project about the impacts of climate change on Philadelphia and the Delaware River Estuary this spring and summer. The work includes interactive mapping, environmental research, geography, history and design.

He will be accepting applications from honors students for both spring and summer to work with him either through course registration as "independent studies" or as non-credit interns. Honors applicants may also be considered for summer fellowships if eligible. Desired skills and experience may include:

  • Environmental studies (esp sea-level rise, industrial pollution, marshlands)
  • Mapping technologies and cultural geography
  • Geo-locative technologies and mobile media
  • Climate change studies
  • Regional and industrial history
  • Oral history
  • Local biology for marshlands and estuary shorelines habitation
  • Photography, Field Audio Recording
  • Digital design including HTML5 skills and/or Drupal skills

Prof. Coover will hold a Coffee Hour & Info Session in the honors lounge

Wednesday Dec 2 at 4:15pm

If you are interested and cannot attend, you can contact Prof Coover at rcoover@temple.edu.

Peer Writing Tutors

Positions open to students from any school or college. Now that you are on break you have plenty of time to organize your application and apply.

The Business Communications Center is looking to hire a few exceptional students as Peer Writing Tutors to start in Spring 2016. We are especially looking for applicants interested in working with our culturally and linguistically diverse (sometimes known as ESL) population here at Fox.

The deadline for application is December 4th at 5:00pm. Please submit the following:
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Availability for interview during finals weeks (Dec.7 - Dec.18)