Mrs. Schwartz's Weekly Update

A Simple Story of our Week: January 11th - 15th

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What we did this week

Language Arts: Throughout the week, students discussed, read about, and wrote verbs for actions happening now, and actions that occurred in the past. To reinforce these verb tenses, students read and discussed the non fiction book Growing Up and then wrote about and discussed different things they did as they grew up. Students then read Little Quack and discussed the plot, problem, and solution. We then wrote about a time in our lives that we were scared of something and had to do something brave. Later in the week, students continued to work on book comprehension by writing about and completing various exercises based on Little Quack and writing and identifying verbs that happened in the past, and verbs that are happening now.

Letter of the Week; Students worked on recognizing the sounds of short 'e' and long 'e' in the beginning, middle, and end of words. Throughout the week, students also discussed various letter combinations that can make the long 'e' sound as we practiced writing sentences with long 'e' words.

Sight Words: This week, students reviewed their three newest sight words: with, she, me; and then learned the new sight word: went. Throughout the week, students worked on using these words in written and oral sentences as we played with their structure and spelling.

Mathematics: This week, students really dug into addition as we practiced, manipulated, and created our own addition sentences and stories. We discussed the symbols plus sign and equals sign as we learned some fun new rhymes to help us remember what each symbol means.

Social Studies: For Diversity Week, students read and discussed some great books, like Hooway for Wodney Wat, Leo the Late Bloomer, A Bad Case of the Stripes, The Sneetches, and The Crayon Box that Talked. We then discussed the importance of diversity, and how it means that being different is being beautiful on the inside and outside. Students did a GREAT job talking about their similarities and differences, while telling each other why they like each of their differences.

Our Highlights


  • Students will receive math homework on Tuesdays and reading homework on Thursdays. Their homework should never take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. I like to remind students that homework is their responsibility.
  • Please remember to send back your child's guided reading book and reading log in their zip log bag every Friday!

Important dates to remember

  • Monday, January 18th: MLK Jr. Day, NO SCHOOL
  • Friday, January 22nd: End of second quarter
  • Sunday, January 24th: Open House from 1:00-4:00
  • Wednesday, January 27th: 1st - 5th Grade Look Ahead Night at 6:30
  • Friday, January 29th: Dress Down Day, Report Cards emailed

Specials Schedule

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Spanish, Gym, Technology

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art, Technology