Message From the Principal

March15, 2022

South Staff

The message below was sent out last evening to the Grosse Pointe community. We wanted to share this information with you as well.

Important change in graduation dates

Dear North and South communities,

There is almost universal agreement that hosting graduations outside is preferable to ceremonies held inside the gymnasium. Last year the district created a schedule that included outdoor rain dates and minimized the possibility of indoor graduation ceremonies. We have received inquiries and questions about creating a similar arrangement for this year.

For these reasons, the new graduation dates will be:

  • Monday, June 6th - North Graduation

  • Tuesday, June 7th- North Graduation Rain Date

  • Wednesday, June 8th - South Graduation

  • Thursday, June 9th - South Graduation Rain Date

  • Friday, June 10th - Alternate Rain Day for both North and South (if needed)

Any changes to the dates of the all night parties are at the discretion of the parent volunteer committees and will be communicated at a later date.

We understand this will impact planning for families, but we have three months to adjust. And we hope this will allow us to provide the best possible graduation experience for our seniors.

Thank you for understanding,

Moussa Hamka,

Grosse Pointe South Principal

Kathryn C. Murray

Grosse Pointe North Principal