Robotics 2.0 Newsletter

Week 1

TPSF Summer Academy - Robotics 2.0


We are off to a great start at the TPSF Summer Academy! The robotics 2.0 class, as many of you know, is composed of four representatives from each middle school site throughout Tustin Unified. Our goal is to send each school back to their site with a functioning robot in the fall. Students focused on the VEX In the Zone game rules this week, the engineering design process, brainstorming ideas, and beginning the construction of their robots.

Everyone was very excited to finally put their hands to work the past two days. While we love seeing the excitement to build, it is always of utmost importance that students document the engineering design process as they work! We are excited for week 2 as we continue to see progress from every team!

Below is the video that explains the game we are building a robot for and will be participating in this coming season. It is called VEX: In the Zone.

Have a great weekend,

Matt Ireland

Robotics 2.0 Teacher

VEX In The Zone - 2017-2018 VEX Robotics Competition Game

All six middle schools are represented at Robotics 2.0!