In your Head Headphones

Keeps the music in your head instead of those around you!

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The Headphones...

Sick of being in a quiet room and having to keep your music on an obnoxiously low level so no one else around you can hear it, even when you have headphones in? Well with In Your Head Headphones, that won't be a problem. Your music will never leak out of the earbuds again like they will with other headphones. Other companies care-free ways cause the music to go straight from your music player to the space around you; decreasing the actual amount of music you hear. But these new, briliant headphones will make listening to music much more pleasurable in public as they stay in your ears and the music stays in your head! If you keep your old, useless headphones, you'll be the only one not using the In Your Head Headphones, making yourself the annoyance of the classroom. This new design will bring joy to you, and your wallet. These headphones although worth $200, are being sold to you for just $99, to fit the wallet of the typical student.
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What our customers have to say...

"This is a great product! I love the design- no music leaks from the earbuds when I'm liostening to music in class!"

- Student Mary Stine

"In Your Head Headphones really keep the music in your head!"

- Student Joe Lachoe

So get your In Your Head Headphones before it's too late!