Peter the Great

By Jessica Thurchak

Peter the Great- Personality

  • Peter was not well very educated when he took the throne but he immediately was full of curiosity.
  • He had a taste for learning new things.
  • He cared about what his citizens thought of him and Russia but, also was controlling.
  • He wanted to modernize Russia.
  • He was merciless. Over 1,000 people who rebelled against him were tortured and executed.

Peter the Great- Accomplishments

  • Peter the Great strengthened the military.
  • He Westernized much of Russia with new technology, ideas and cultures.
  • He improved many things in Russia such as canals and water ways.
  • Strengthened serfdom by creating law keeping noble lands and serfs safe.

Peter the Great- Policies

  • He started a policy in Russia of westernization where they started using Western technology, culture and ideas.
  • He forced many people to become laborers and work on roads, and tunnels and canals.
  • Made a policy encouraging exports to make money.
  • Made policy ensuring that nobles would keep their land and they would keep the serfs on their land.

Peter the Great- Interesting Facts

  • He started ruling at the age of 10.
  • Spent a lot of his time in the "German Quarter"
  • Didn't start ruling completely until he was 17 years old