Bear Blast

Week of Feb 14, 2022

Working together; succeeding together.

We are priviledged to share Treaty 6 Territory traditional lands of the Cree, Dene, Saulteux, Ojibwaya and the Metis Nation.

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Casual Custodians Needed

Do you want to work with the best team in the world? Of you course you do, who wouldn't. Good news! We are looking for casual custodians to help out Mr. Rye, Mrs. Samalla, and Mrs. Antazo when they need to be away. I hear it pays pretty good and the people you would work with are awesome. If you would like more information, please contact the school.
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The End is Nigh

As I look back at my Bear Blast ramblings I see a fairly constant theme throughout the pandemic of hope. Specifically I reference coming out of the pandemic, coming back into the light, and when it is all over. I have to admit that I was starting to wonder if that would ever happen, would we ever actually see the end of COVID-19. I have come to terms with the fact that the answer is most likely no. We will likely never see an end to COVID-19. Instead, I have focused my hope on when we would see changes or (hope of all hopes) an end to the restrictions. That day appears to be on the horizon.

This last Friday, we rescinded policy 309, requiring all staff and visitors to be fully vaccinated or to provide proof of a negative test. regardless of where you stand on the debate, I can assure you that our enforcement of this policy was only ever done with the safety and wellness of your students and our staff in mind. That being said, we have reached a time where due to the number of vaccinated people and due to the changing nature of the virus (the omicron variant) I do believe that it is safe to lift this requirement. Thank you to all of our staff and especially our families who were so understanding and cooperative during the implementation of this policy. It was something that no one enjoyed but felt the greater good outweighed our own discomfort or trepidations.

At the end of the month, it is our understanding that our Premier will not renew the public health order which includes the mask mandate. At this time, it is our intent to also remove the masking policy at PPCS when the mandate is lifted. As it was in the fall, we will return to a mask-friendly environment in which students are welcome to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable doing so. We will fully support the choices that our families make for their students regarding masking, whatever those choices may be. This obviously may change between now and the end of February, but it is our intent to follow the public health order, as we always have from the beginning of the pandemic. We are unsure of what will happen with other enhanced measures such as enhanced cleaning,, class cohorting, etc. Stay tuned for updates. We also remain committed to being responsive to the current environment in which we find ourselves, whatever that may be.

Thank you again to our staff and especially to our families who have been so wonderful throughout these trying times. I have enjoyed the respectful dialogue which has occurred when opinions differed and appreciate all of the members of our school community who have raised any concerns they had with us and entered into respectful and open dialogue. From the beginning, I attested to the fact that it was together and only together that we would get through this. When the pandemic first broke I had no idea that our community had the strength and perseverance that we do. I have never been prouder to be a member of the PPCS school community than I am today. We have done what was asked, like it or not, we have done what was needed, sacrificing our own comforts along the way and we have done it together like we do all things. We stand closer to the end than we ever have been before and I think we need to look back with a great sense of pride and humility, proud that we did it, but humble enough to know we could not have done it alone. Thank you.

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Supporting Students Who Must Isolate

When students are required by health to isolate at home, PPCS will continue to support their learning at a distance.

  • The teacher will reach out to let you know the format of delivery (paper copies or digital).
  • The work provided may not match the work done in class, especially if the classwork is discussion-based.
  • TO avoid overwhelming you and your child, we will only send new work when completed work is sent back to the teacher.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the school. It is very important that students learning continues during periods of mandatory isolation.

New Website

We have a sign that says "Together, we got this." in our staff room. I truly believe in the synergistic power of the collective. With that in mind click the support tab under Our School to be taken n to info on the Kid's Help Phone. We all need a helping hand once in a while. Please make this information available to your children.
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Healthy Snack Ideas

Stay tuned for ideas from our Grade 89 Home Ec class.
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Citrus Fundraiser Feb 7-17


Online ordering is available (click the button below). The site will be down Wednesday for the day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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School Clothing Error

We are very happy with our school clothing and have received lots of positive feedback. Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding with an outside printer, our retro clothing has a not so retro logo. If you ordered retro clothing and did not get the retro logo, please contact the school and we will make sure it gets fixed.

Seen Around PPCS (and Beyond)

The 100th Day of School

We always celebrate the 100th day of school in grade 1 as they learn their numbers to 100 by counting the days. We celebrate by having the students dress up like they are 100 years old and doing activities based on 100. This year they made necklaces with 100 beads and were given a 100 pendant for their necklace. The pendant was designed and printed by one of our grade 3 students. Thank you to Noah M for designing the pendants for the grade 1s. Noah used Tinker Cad (an online program) to design and render the project for the 3D printer. Then, with some help, loaded it onto the printer and ensured the print job got off to a successful start. The students loved them. Thanks, Noah!!
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Upcoming Events

Feb 14 - Pink, White and Red Day

Feb 14 and 15 - Grades K-6 are going skating.

Feb 16 - Pink Shirt Day


Feb 21-25 - February Break (No School)

March 4 - Jump Rope For Heart

Pink Shirt Day

This Wednesday, Feb 16 is Pink Shirt Day. We encourage all students and staff to wear pink as a sign of our commitment to combat bullying in all forms. We always as our students to be upstanders rather than bystanders. We work with students to be more aware of the impact of their actions on others and hope to educate students and help them develop empathy around mean, rude, and bullying behaviors.
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Male and Female Athletes of the Week

The female athlete of the week is Tianna Tvait. Tianna played on our volleyball and basketball teams. She is a great contributor to the teams and grew as an athlete throughout the seasons.

The male athlete of the week is Ferdiande (Fergie) Francisco. Beside dedication in the dictionary is Fergie. He gives 100% at every practice and game. As a long-term member of our basketball team, Fergie has worked very hard to improve his skill and understanding of the game.

Thank you to our athletes for all that you do for our school and school community.

Our volunteer of the week is Mr. Harborb. Mr. Harbor does many, many things around PPCS including being very instrumental in officiating. Mr. Harbor lends his talents to us as well as many other schools for football and basketball. Thank you Mr. Harbor for sharing your expertise and impartiality with us.

Jr. NBA Basketball

Practices will start this week.

Tuesdays practice will be from 3:30-4:45

Thursdays practice will be from 12:10-12:45

Participants need a pair of shoes and a water bottle.

Our Tournaments will be in Melfort on March 26 and 27. Stay tuned for more details.

We Want Fans in the Stands

We are so happy to be able to invite fans to our home games once again this year. We ask that...

  • You only come if you are feeling well.
  • Provide proof of vaccination or a negative test (48h).
  • You wear a mask at all times when in the building
  • Sanitize your hands upon entering and frequently while in the building
  • Show our Bears how awesome they are by cheering loudly (albeit through a mask).

Hot Lunches are Back!!

Youth Group (Beyond Discovery)

Youth Group is running Fridays at the youth room. Listen to morning announcements for more details.

Awana Kids Club

For Kindergarten-Grade 6!

Awana Kids Club will begin on Thursday, Sept 9.

It’ll run each Thursday from right after school gets out until 5:10pm.

Kids can come to the old elementary school (QCP) and enter through the back double doors!

Games, live music, and learning time every week!

Free to register!

Call Heidi at 306-278-7883 or Desi at 306-865-6350 if you have any questions!

New COVID Protocols

There has been some confusion regarding some of the new COVID protocols in the last few days. I wanted to take a moment to clarify some of the points. Please always refer to the most recent communication from NESD or PPCS.

  • Students who are positive (PCR or Rapid Test) must isolate for 5 days or 48h after symptoms, whichever is longer.
  • Students who are exposed DO NOT have to isolate regardless of vaccination status unless they are symptomatic.
  • We continue to encourage families to use the rapid tests (we have lots), but you are no longer required to report the results to us.

Welcome back to #bestyearever