Road to Freedom


  1. Leave at night when its most calm in Virginia .
  2. Head for Canada which is north.
  3. Use big dipper and little dipper to locate the north star at the tip.
  4. If north star is out of sight , look out for moss growing on trees as they grow towards the north side of tree trunks .
  5. Using rivers have a better advantage as dogs can't track scents in the water but be careful on overcoming the great ohio river.
  6. If you're tired to walk, hide under some leaves.
  7. Once over the river, look for a family on the top of the river valley as they can help.
  8. Look for a lit candle outside a window , its a signal that it is safe to cross the Ohio River .
  9. A man named John Rankin will help you
  10. Once you have found him , he will help you get up more north to Cleveland Ohio
  11. Once in Cleveland , a gentleman will ask for a boat taking you across Lake Erie into Canada .