3rd Grade Cardinal Chronicle

April 7, 2014

Welcome Back!!

I hope you all had a warm and wonderful Spring Break! This week we will get back to our normal schedule for a while! The students are so excited (ha! ha!) that we will have our normal spelling, weekly checks, and reading quiz this week! So, be sure to go over the morning work as it comes home each day. Here's to a great week at TCE!!

This Week at School...

Book Fair at TCE- April 8-14

  • Many volunteers are needed to make our Book Fair a huge success! If you can work a shift or even donate an item for our events, please visit: http://vols.pt/7sANe6 to sign-up!
  • Our class book fair time is Wednesday, April 9th from 11:40-12:05.
  • One for Books Collection-Remember, this coin collection is a three-way win!
    1. We get to spend all of the money collected in our classroom bucket on books for our classroom.
    2. Our library earns a bigger profit when this money is spent. This means more books for the library!
    3. Scholastic matches our school-wide donation and purchases books for a variety of charitable organizations.

Pancake Breakfast- Saturday, April 12th 8:00-10:00

Come join us for pancakes and shop at the book fair from 8:00 to 10:00 on Saturday morning!

Mrs. Ailes' class is raising money for the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. We are adopting a sea turtle! We will be selling rainbow loom bracelets for 50 cents each at the pancake breakfast on Saturday, April 12th. Our table will be in the hallway between the cafeteria and the library. The money we raise will help the center provide the necessary food, medicine, and equipment needed to help rescued sea turtles recuperate so they can be returned to their natural ocean habitat. We hope you can come to the pancake breakfast and help us support the Georgia Sea Turtle Center!


Monday- Music
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- PE &Book Fair
Thursday- Music
Friday- Art
Saturday- Pancake Breakfast & Book Fair

Work, Work, Work...


  • This week we will continue reading the book Holes as a read aloud. Ask what is happening now....
  • We will be learning about figurative language...simile (slow as a snail), metaphor (you are what you eat), alliteration (six small snails squirmed slowly), and onemonapia (Snap! Pow!)
  • We will be getting new books for our book clubs and will be meeting to discuss and read our books.
  • Students will continue to work on Daily 5 activities (Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing) while I meet with small groups.


  • We are finishing our Young Author books and they look amazing. I am meeting with individual students to complete this process. They have done an awesome job!
  • We are also learning about different types of poetry....acrostic, haiku, rhyming couplets and Cinquain. We are looking at examples and writing our own as we learn together.
  • Students who are finished with Young Author books are doing free choice writing, which is always a favorite!

Math- Measurement

  • This week we start our study of measurement. We will learn about measuring length using different units of measure...inches, feet, yards, and miles.
  • We will also learn the metric units of measure for length...centimeters, meters, and kilometers.

Science- Inventions

Let the building begin....they have brainstormed problems and solutions and now are ready to build! Many have brought in materials to begin, but we are still in need of a few items. If you have any of the following sitting around and want to donate it, that would be great! No need to go out an buy things yet, lets see what we can recycle first!
  • 2 small pieces of wood...maybe 2X4
  • door hinge
  • a few medium sized boxes
  • a capri-sun sized box
  • moving chair with wheels
  • pillow
  • pipe cleaners
  • Duct Tape
  • a dowel rod
  • 2 small hooks
  • mini trash bag